NOW WHAT? After Relentless Attacks by School Board Members, Hastie Re-Elected for Five Years


BOE Election 2014 1263

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- New Rochelle School Board Member Jeffrey Hastie secured a second five-year term on the Board of Education last night with a narrow victory over Rick Monzon for second place. The overall winner was Dr. Salvador A. Fernandez.

The votes are as follows (3 seats):

Dr. Salvador A. Fernandez: 1,533
Jeffrey Hastie: 1,363
Ricardo Monzon: 1,222

The turnout was pitifully low.

In fourth place, as a surprise write-in candidate was Robert Cox (me!).

The school budget passed 1,712 - 704.

The library budget passed 1,665 - 615.

The library board votes are as follows (2 seats)

Haina Just-Michael: 1,740
Emery McClennen Schweig: 1,558

BOE Election 2014 1264

The real story of last night was the inability of "the machine" to achieve their goal of ousting Hastie who has become a thorn in the side for board members leading some to question whether "the machine" is broken.

Matters boiled over a couple weeks ago, after Hastie proposed asking the New York State Education Department to investigation Board President David Lacher regarding articles in Talk of the Sound that Lacher failed to reimburse the school district for medical insurance premiums on a timely basis. Many board members attacked Hastie for making the motion to investigate Lacher. Long-time board member Deidre Polow who chose not to stand for re-election this year, read a lengthy prepared statement excoriating Hastie.

There are many questions as to how this board will react to the reality of another five years for Mr. Hastie.

More later. It's late and its been a long day.

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