NYC schools are charging on with going green. What is New Rochelle doing?

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NYC schools are charging on with going green. What is New Rochelle doing?

August 28, 2013 - 21:07

Here is an interesting article about NYC schools seeing something good and taking it big time to the next level.

5 moms in a few NYC schools started a composting program, seeing the mountain of trash that their schools produced and taught the kids to sort out recyclables, from compostables and liquids, and Voila, and it really worked, reducing garbage 90%. Just like what I have started in New Rochelle schools. NYC major and superintendent saw the enormous potential of this program and are now expanding it to more then 200 !!!!!! additional schools.

That is what I mean by taking something good to the next level.

Where does New Rochelle stand at this point?

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Seeing that the only way to get things done in this town is to work with the local political machine, I suppose the next step is to run the composting proposal by our NR recycling commissar, Ms. Deborah Newborn.

The mayor and his super-majority of bobble-headed yeah-sayers only like concepts that are produced by the Democratic party big government idea generator. You know, the city council, the zoning and planning boards, the green-commission, the financial advisory panel, etc. etc., all stuffed with party regulars and hangers-on, centralizing sympathizers, under-employed local attorneys, and the occasional, politically-inert, rarely-voting RINO (Republican in Name Only; just to keep things looking open-minded and ecumenical).

In the leftist Blob's eyes, anything truly voluntary and not directly connected to the controlling local machine risks its monopoly on political power; adults, children, independent church-goers, philosophically conservative synagogue members, ordinary do-gooders, community-minded business men and women are all suspect and are to be studiously avoided; averted, subverted, isolated and ignored, if necessary, just to keep things under control and nicely piping along in support of the ever-expanding resumes and professional careers of New Rochelle's permanent political class.

Amateurs needn't apply.