Open Letter To Michael Blakeney Of Good Profit Accuses New Rochelle Mayor Of Environmental Racism


Talk of the Sound was sent a copy of a letter to Michael Blakeney, the Founder and Director of Good Profit, which we republish here with permission.

Good Day,

We understand that you were recently awarded rights to develop the New Rochelle Armory despite immense protestations from New Rochelle Veterans and an overwhelming populace of New Rochelleans. Please note that it is no reflection of your good intentions, but the malice and politically motivated initiative of the Mayor of New Rochelle.

Yesterday, hundreds of veterans and law enforcement supporters fully engulfed the New Rochelle City Council and showed their displeasure of the Mayor and some in the City Council. There has been no fair effort to be inclusive and the Mayor has driven his agenda and placed you in the middle of what is sure to be a challenging public relations nightmare for you in the near future.

The Mayor is a driven person who does not seek alliances and is divisive. In an effort to move the project full speed ahead, he will then move the Public Works Yard and all its sanitation vehicles to the west End of New Rochelle that is inhabited overwhelmingly by working class people of color.

The environmental racism that drives this Mayor is unfathomable. Please note this when you plan and move ahead with this venture. It will become bigger and detrimental for you. Your consideration is appreciated.

Martin Sanchez
West End Resident
New Rochelle, NY

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