Oppenheimer Campaign Ranked 'Loser' by Independent Media Source

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Oppenheimer Campaign Ranked 'Loser' by Independent Media Source

October 08, 2010 - 15:55

WHITE PLAINS – State Senate candidate Bob Cohen’s campaign today cited the lead article in today’s City Hall as further confirmation that Senator Oppenheimer’s smear campaign to discredit Bob Cohen is made up of unfounded accusations.

City Hall, which publishes a weekly column titled, ‘Winners and Losers,’ had this to say about the Oppenheimer team in this week’s edition:

So much for landing punches on the chin. In the last week, three very competitive races ended up centering around the unverified—and in some cases, just false—claims made by the Democratic candidates hoping to win next month. In Suzi Oppenheimer’s race, a tasty tidbit about Bob Cohen’s “slumlord” status made strong, but unsubstantiated claims which gave an opening for Cohen’s campaign to immediately refute them.

“You simply can’t believe a word Senator Oppenheimer’s campaign says,” said campaign spokesman Josh Hills. “Apparently, twenty-six years in the most dysfunctional Legislature in America is not enough and she will say anything to stay in office.

“While Bob Cohen has run a campaign on the issues Westchester residents care most about – property taxes, education, and jobs – Senator Oppenheimer has been running from them, trying to distract voters with a pack of lies.”

Read the full City Hall article here:

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We need to get rid of Suzi Oppenheimer from the NYS Senate and it all starts with your vote on 11/2.

Suzi's done little if nothing of substance for the 37th Senate district which encompasses much of New Rochelle. She's voted many, many, many times to increase taxes and fees on us. Did you know she cast the final vote in favor of the MTA payroll tax? With last year’s disastrous budget, did she propose ANY cuts to state government? Yes she did, she supported the reduction of school aid, but that only shifted the burden from the state to the school district and did nothing to reduce expenses at the state level. She'll never take a pledge to not increase your taxes and she's part of the dysfunctional Albany.

Yet we keep electing her to office and I really don't understand why? Anyone care to comment? Who's voted for Suzi in the past and why? She's posted on this website numerous times, tooting such achievements as Fighting for Libraries and Cancer Mapping, but these accomplishments all occurred at a time when the state budget was 3 months late and I wonder why she would focus on such seemingly trivial items at a time when critical budget deliberations were going on.

We need and deserve better representation. NYS has the highest taxes in the nation and our senator keeps voting those increases and its really starting to have a negative impact. Companies are leaving the state because of the crushing tax burden and Suzi doesn't seem to care.

That's why everyone needs to come out and support Bob Cohen on Election Day. He'll stand up for us and with the balance of power resting in the senate we need to elect people who will NOT vote to increase NY taxes and will work to foster more economic growth by reducing the tax load.

This campaghn is junk today while attending the new ro white plains game suzi helpers threw her palm cards everywhere what a mess giving them to kids who can't even vote. Then again go take a drive up mar'k ave in harrison what a disgrace all those signs saying SUZI one thing for sure you lost my vote SUZI