Organisciak & New Rochelle School Board are Out of Their Minds...

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Organisciak & New Rochelle School Board are Out of Their Minds...

March 03, 2011 - 17:15

Organisciak and the rest of the school board are out of their minds. And don’t think that they didn’t have their hand in the sudden “technical interruption” that surprisingly cut-off live streaming while one of New Rochelle’s residents was giving it to them good.

But everyone shouldn’t be surprised as the Board of Education always tries to censor taxpayers.
This meeting was a strange one. Surprisingly the main issue was about busing, how ridicules. It’s really not about busing; it’s about necessary budget cuts vs. unnecessary budget cuts.

Why is it necessary that supervisors get salary increases?

Why is it necessary that supervisors & department heads have unlimited expense budgets?

Why is it necessary that executives & supervisors are assigned city vehicles?

Why is it necessary that the Board of Education continues paying overtime to maintenance employees?

Many corporations around the world have been affected by the economic downturn and many owners of these corporations have implemented cutbacks starting from the top. There are actually many CEOs that have stopped paying themselves so that they can keep employees that desperately need their jobs in order to live. The people of New Rochelle aren’t asking for such extremes.

CUTS NEED to be made AT THE TOP!!!

All Executive level personnel should have a 10% reduction in salary.

Reduce the number of assistant superintendents from 4 to 2.

Cap monthly expenses of all executive level personnel.

Revoke all city issued vehicles from executive and supervisory officials.

Implement salary freeze.

Implement a school tax onto residential renters that have children within the New Rochelle school system.

Create a volunteer committee designated to apply for grants, both public & private, to increase funding for special programs for students.

Simple money saving cuts and revenue boosters such as these will reduce layoffs, reduce the elimination of vital programs offered to students, keep busing, and eliminate the need of tax increases.

Think these few suggestions over and let the Department of Education know what you think of their unrealistic & insane budget proposal.

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Above all, the superintendent and the assistants should have their salaries reduced by a decided upon percentage, until the nation/county is into a full recovery. At their salary level, even a few percentage points will not affect their net pay that much. This will show they are aware of the "little people" struggling with their own budgets and will not hurt the childrens' classrooms.

Excellent points. Organisciak's probably pissed because he's about to have his salary crammed down to $175k, I guess that'll leave Korstoff and Quinn making more.

Here another suggestion, how about axing the top 20 earners? I bet that'd save close to $5 Million right there, these guys are useless for the most part anyway.

Where are the 100 layoffs coming from? I bet teachers and not adminstration. We really do need all those coordinators at the elementary schools after all! And then there are the professional/full time substitutes that all the schools have.

And the BoE would do everyone a big big big favor if they'd just use the previous years assessment tally. A number that's fixed and known, but the BoE will probably continue to use the assessment total as of 8/1 of the current budget year, a number that nobody knows. This alone accounted for a 1.4% increase last year (and they do budget for assement reductions but they're just not too good at it or purposefully trying to deceive us and manipulate the figures) and pushed last years voter approved 3.8% increase to 5.2% and its any wonder what'll happen to this years proposed 4.5% increase. But based on the 40% flub on last years increase we're looking at around 6.3%.

Only the arrogant and out of touch Organisciak and Strome propose these kinds of budgets. They should both be fired, we could do a lot better.

Interesting ideas, with the exception of the salary freeze. The Triborough Agreement prohibits such actions as a balance to the Taylor Law.