Parks and Rec Zimmerman Useless and Inept

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Parks and Rec Zimmerman Useless and Inept

April 11, 2012 - 04:35

Can anyone tell me what good Mr. Bill Zimmerman does for this city? Is his name Bill? I don't know. I do know one thing, however, he is arrogant and inept. One thing that I cannot figure out, is how did we get to this point. We have government officials who are way overpaid, yet lay off workers, don't do their jobs, yet refuse to hire, keep raising taxes, yet don't give proper city service.
Why am I so mad at Zimmerman is because he never gets back to you, is arrogant in any of his meetings and doesn't do anything right. I'm not the only citizen to notice this. He works out with Chucky boy (Strome) at the police gym, takes 3 hour lunches and walks around City Hall like he's busy.
Oh well.... I know with this clicky administration, nothing will be done..... but maybe I can get a few eyebrows raised if ...... anyone reads this.
Do me a favor Zimmerman..... save face and ship out, you really are incompetent!

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That's New Rochelle for you, cut the workforce while leaving ineffective management in place.

Happens all to often!

You know his first name yet you say you don't know his first name, you say he's arrogant in meetings which means you must have attended them. You know about the parks department work force. So you must know him, it sounds like you're disgruntled. Were you passed over for a promotion? Or maybe reprimanded? This is not the proper forum for airing your personal gripes.

You sound like a Zimmerman groupie. No I was never passed over for a promotion nor do I work for the city.
You don't make the forum for gripes. Go back to the hole you crawled out of!