Pranksters Hack New Rochelle High School Web Site, "Cancel" School


More excitement for New Rochelle High School students -- after bomb threats, snow days, student/teen porn sites, now they have school "cancelled" by a hacker.

School officials are still investigating how someone got into the schools e-Chalk site and created two "prank" announcements.

The first one was a calendar event purporting to cancel school today due to a teachers conference:

Nred web site prank2

Nred web site prank1

Talk of the Sound notified school officials who sent out this message shortly after midnight:

The second one was a weather announcement purporting to cancel school today due to a snow storm:

Nred web site prank3

Nred web site prank4

The Nyan cat video was a popular internet meme a couple of years ago:

Nyan Cat [original]

Students reacted with mixed emotions to the prank. Not all responses are Safe for Work so be warned.

The New Rochelle School District has issued a statement:

The issue of the New Rochelle High School website being hacked.

Early this morning the District removed the content from public view and
has worked actively with our website content provider to secure the website.

This matter is under full investigation.

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