Public Hearings for December 10th and 17lth

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Public Hearings for December 10th and 17lth

December 10, 2013 - 05:17

Below are the public hearings that were sent to me in a memo from the City Manager. The first hearing on removing fire hydrants from the City budget has one unresolved issue: how will United Water distribute the costs among customers? This should be written into the bill the state legislature must pass. Also will the funds lost as a budget item in the fire department find its way into another part of the City budget?

Public Hearings on December l0th:

1) Public Safety Infrastructure Costs (fire hydrants)

2) Override of Tax Levy Limit (Please note that the City Council and City staff are reviewing amendments to the Budget which will bring it in at the cap so an override of the tax levy cap is likely not required – we are holding the public hearing anyway.)

3) Year 2014 Budget

Public Hearing on December 17th:

1) Proposed Amendment to Zoning Code relative to portion of Main Street between Cliff Street and Kings Highway/Weyman Avenue.

Those are the December Public Hearings.

Chuck Strome

City Manager

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The hydrant proposal to chenge United Water's billing from the city to individual users of the wagter has already passed the legislature with no provision on how United Water will bill individual users of their water. In my opinion, Council should not approve this legislation unless they include a statemenlt that they will not accept this change unless United Water (in writing) states the method they will use to distribute this fee will be by usage.

Strome suggested residents send this request to the New York Public Service Commission which needs to approve this change. He also suggested contacting state legislators who approved the legislation.

It should lalso be noted that United Water is running an advertisement in the Journal News today requesting a rate increase of 30% which they claim a net increase of 23% will result.