Question for NR Neighbors?

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Question for NR Neighbors?

April 26, 2012 - 05:48

Why would any member of the city council support more residential development at Echo Bay site? Nothing against the council and Forest City, but I think this is just nuts. Another residential development is the last thing the city needs right now. Have we not learned from our mistakes? We are packed into the southern half of city like sardines, schools and roads are jammed and retail options are a joke. I would guess that 90% of NR must shop in other communities for most things.

So we have some space for a new development, and it will be mostly residential??? Does anyone think this makes any sense???

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The current & past administrations do not accept the fact that development mistakes were made. So, if you don't identify & admit mistakes you are doomed to repeat them. The major question is this, should New Rochelle move forward on Echo Bay and incur $20 million in bonded debt? HELL NO! New Rochelle relies on terminating firefighters; gimmicks like the 230% increased refuse fee and non-recurring revenue like the Avalon sale monies to balance their budget. There is no way New Rochelle can endure $20 million in bonded debt.

Abe, Tim is correct,

Nothing against the city council and developers Abe, the problem starts there and ends there. They aren’t held accountable for what goes on so it continues as has in the past. The problems can’t just be put on council however. The voters and citizens of New Rochelle also hold a part in the problems by their lack of action. Time to wake up New Rochelle!

The problem is that our leadership doesn’t know what they want. We have no Master Plan. Most of the council members of the past and some present don’t have a vision for New Rochelle, only for their own interest, bank accounts and political careers. There is a major disconnect between The Mayor, The City Manager, The City Council, City Staff, the community. We have a city and downtown area that is crumbling right before our eyes, with empty apartments in new buildings and empty store fronts on Main Street. We have our dysfunctional form of government that doesn’t know what it is. Strong Mayor or City Manager run, Which ever excuse works best at the time. Read my post from yesterday titled, Don’t you just love April? Spring into Change! More detail there.

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