RACCOONS REVENGE: Car Swerving to Avoid Nocturnal Critters Lands in Glenwood Lake

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RACCOONS REVENGE: Car Swerving to Avoid Nocturnal Critters Lands in Glenwood Lake

February 26, 2013 - 05:10


NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- A man swerving to avoid a gaze of raccoons on Bergholz Drive nearly killed a gaggle of geese in Glenwood Lake.

There were no reported injuries of raccoons, geese or humans.

The incident occurred around 9:33 p.m. Monday night when a New Rochelle resident was driving southbound on Bergholz Drive in New Rochelle, towards Pelham. In attempt to avoid the raccoons, the man swerved and lost control of his black Mercedes station wagon.

The driver, who did not wish to be identified, said the vehicle came to rest on the edge of a retaining wall, teetering back and forth, balanced precariously, before sliding forward and down into the lake. The vehicle came to rest on several paving stones laying in the water and was not submerged. The man was able to exit the vehicle on this own.

New Rochelle police and firefighters responded to the scene but this night belonged to Safeway Towing. It took two Safeway employees some planning and ingenuity to extricate the vehicle which was pulled up and then over, away from the retaining wall, before being pulled out of the lake.

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This looks like one of those moments Mercedes-Benz engineers prepare for but hope never occur. You have to give Safeway Towing a lot of credit for removing the car without damaging it further.

so that's NOT Bergholz Lake, eh? Never knew it was called Glenwood Lake.

At least the guy was an animal lover. Kudos to him.

Hey, anybody notice the people putting up a McMansion on the corner of Echo Ave. and Pelham Road? What DO those rich people think about when they do something like that - witness the house on Wackygl Ave. and whatever that street is leading into it from Pinebrook Blvd. Go figure.

Just IMAGINE what they pay in taxes to Idoni II!!! He must laugh all the way to the bank.

A BMW would have remained on the road...