Random Collection Of Notes, Quotes And Comments

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Random Collection Of Notes, Quotes And Comments

March 12, 2014 - 00:45

I just cleaned out old emails since December that I never got around to turning into stories. Maybe I will someday but did not want this information sitting on my server. So here is a random collection of notes, quotes and comments.

What’s going to happen to the NYS grant money (WQIP) awarded to the Echo Bay project?

Regional Economic Development Council 2012 Report.pdf

New Rochelle Development Commissioner Luiz Aragon: We are working with ESD to find ways to preserve the grant for the Echo Bay project.

New Rochelle Fire Chief Louis DiMiglio on the Firefighters contract with the City

I think it's a fair contract for 273 and the City. The longer term of the agreement gives both sides better control over future financial planning. It should also boost the morale of the dept knowing that they don't have to negotiate a contract for some seven years. That allows us to concentrate on ways to better serve the citizens of New Rochelle and that's our primary mission.

Statement to Talk of the Sound on Superintendent Search from Board Member Rachel Relkin:

Right now, the Board’s top priorities should be to work with the community to hire a new Superintendent and create a fiscally responsible budget. I am extremely disheartened by the divisiveness that has impacted the Board of late and I look forward to us working collaboratively going forward.

Statement to Talk of the Sound on Seeking to Table Motion by Board Member Jeffrey Hastie

from Board Member Rachel Relkin:

Regarding the motion, I clarified that this was the first time it was brought up for discussion “in a meeting here”– I do not believe it was ever on an agenda for Board discussion.

Because of the timing of the motion, I felt it was impossible for our Board to have a constructive and informed discussion about the issue raised. I also felt by that point it would have been wrong to prolong the meeting and make community members wait even longer to speak."

Statement of James O'Toole on downtown snow removal:

I don't know who's bright idea it was to remove the snow on Main Street on Friday night? The restaurant's have being struggling all week with snow storm after snow storm . Business has been bad and now when people decide to come out the city puts up signs on Main Street saying no parking from 10pm to 7am due to snow removal. The signs were not put up until 430pm after city hall was closed so no owners could call city hall to complain. Why not do this removal on a Sunday night why on the weekend.

The removal started at 10:45pm at Main and Pintard as of 12:52 am they were still between Maple and Centre on Main st.
but don't worry the CSO (ticket agent) was giving out tickets at 10pm up and down Main street even though the removal did not even start. I was at Gnarly Vine eating when this started the owner went outside to talk to the CSO to tell her that her patrons were coming out to move there cars and that they would be 5 minutes and the CSO told her and I "they got 30 seconds" I could not believe my ears.

Mr. Mayor you can ask your ass't because she was dining and her car was going to get the ticket.

The city should have notified business owners,The Bid, The Chamber etc etc.

Why not even a robo call to residents and business's.

Yes the snow should be removed but give us some advance notice every business owner would have told you to wait till Sunday. I'm sure if
you folks were in the night business you would be mad and I'm telling you owners are mad.

Have a great weekend because these owners are having a rotten one.


New Rochelle Board of Education Among First in New York State to Consider School Tax Exemption for Veterans Under New Law Signed by Governor Cuomo Last Month

In hearing first of Gov. Cuomo signing the new law, I was happy for my military comrades and I to be entitled for such a benefit.
To hear that the NR BOE is to lead the charge and consider implementing this desperately needed relief of our tax burden for the NR veterans, that made me proud. I hope this will move forward without delay. It feels good to be appreciated.

Peter Parente

Information on Noam Bramson:

Attached are the personnel action forms for Bramson from 2007 & 2011 as well as Angela Taylor's personnel action form, Taylor is the Executive Assistant to the Mayor. In 2007 the part time box is clearly checked, in 2011 the full time and part time boxes are eliminated on Bramson's form and are replaced with the "elected" box checked. If anyone has stated that Noam checked the full time box they are incorrect. Also note that the 2011 form is a filing that is current throughout the 4 year term expiring on December 31, 2015. Angela Taylor, the mayor's full-time executive assistant, makes $72,088. That's over $162,000 plus benefits for the office of a CEREMONIAL mayor whose only defined powers are to conduct city council meetings, deliver a state of the city address, represent the city in governmental affairs and any other duties specified by the council.

The main problem is that although almost a year apart the date of the approvals and signatures at bottom of page have the same date, 12/14/2011 and the effective dates (term) are the same. The difference is that on today's form the department & job title have changed from City Council to Mayor. It appears that the mayor is no longer a member of the council and note the change from "elected" in 2011 to "elected" "full time" on todays form. How can this all take place on 12/14/2011? And how can a ceremonial mayor be a full-time position?


Statement by Pete Gallo on his new book

A recently released sports history book I authored about New Rochelle's Twilight League, which covers the era of windmill pitching during its halcyon days in the 1950s.

The book, Fast Pitch Fifties: a Retrospective of New Rochelle Softball, would likely be of strong interest to Talk of the Sound readers who are long-time residents of the Sound Shore region or have friends or fairly who resided in New Rochelle and its surrounding environs in the 1950s. Many local sports legends are recalled as is a time when community sports were becoming part of the story of growing up in Westchester County.

I'm sure you will find that the book is not merely a sports history, but a cultural memoir that celebrates a distinct epoch in New Rochelle history loaded with local color and anecdotes like that of a coach who arranged for an ad hoc block for local kids featuring Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger galloping down New Rochelle's Union Avenue.

I found something about Monroe College that I think you should be look at.

Isaac E. Young Student:

They are taking our own study hall period (which is basically recess, as many people refer it to) and they are forcing all kids to do this and I, myself, find it to be fair. Many other students believe the same thing. We need help. Word needs to get out about this subject, it is critical. Would anybody mind helping by spreading the petition out?