The reason we won't have a National discussion or debate on guns.


It won't be politically correct. Gov't statistics are very accurate and detailed. Young black males make up the bulk of violent gun crime. At least 7x more likely than any other group. We will never have a gun debate in the USA because the facts don't support anti-gun arguments. The current gun proposals will have ZERO effect because they don't deal with reality.

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Anonymous on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 13:16

This is his first step. When there is another mass murder, he will say additional "safeguards" are required. He will continue to do so until all guns of any type will be confiscated. Keep in mind he has 4 years to achieve his goals. Do not be surprised if he pulls a "Bloomberg" and tries to eliminate the 2 term limit for the Presidency and he runs again. With the fools we call Republicans, he could win again.

By the way, with the RINO's (Republican In Name Only) we have in the NY State legislature voting for Cuomo's gun ban, I will now vote for the Democrats (although I was a Republican turned Independent). The only way to impact these jokers is to make them lose their job.