Reminder to voters in 37th State Senate District

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Reminder to voters in 37th State Senate District

October 26, 2012 - 06:21

Our prior state senator was a Democrat that was in minority of state senate for 26 of her 28 years. For New Rochelle, we have estimated that having a senator in minority for close to 3 decades cost the city TENS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS in lost state aid. Less money to schools, less money to city and higher taxes for property owners. It is well known that the majority parties in state legislature (Reps in senate and Dems in assembly) control the purse strings and majority members get more money for districts.

If we elect Latimer, another Dem, there is no question that New Rochelle will still not get its fair share of state aid because he will be in minority - and the taxpayers will be on the hook as always.

If we elect Bob Cohen, we will have a smart and energetic reformer in the majority ready to fight every day to protect and improve New Rochelle. We made a big mistake 28 years ago - suffered for it ever since - please don't make the same mistake on 11/6!

If you care about the future of New Rochelle - Bob Cohen is the only choice for state senate. Vote for New Rochelle on Election Day instead of voting for your party!

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One thing I have not heard enough in this campaign is the fact that Latimer has not even been helpful to New Rochelle in the majority of state assembly. How could anyone think it is a good idea for voters to put him in the minority of state senate??? I cannot think of one thing he has done to help our city.

Don't blow this one New Rochelle and surrounding communities. We have a chance to put Bob Cohen in majority of state senate where he can really help Westchester and New York State.

Here is a nice breakdown of race:

Cohen for it
Latimer against it

Cohen for it
Latimer runs out of chambers so he doesn't have to vote on it

Latimer lifted it
Cohen supports tax caps

Latimer votes to put the tax in
Cohen against it

Latimer supported huge increases in taxes and spending as a county legislator
Cohen wants to reduce government spending

This race is a no-brainer.

Elect Bob Cohen on Nov. 6!