Rowing Opens Spring Season

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Rowing Opens Spring Season

April 12, 2017 - 08:38

Rowing Opens Spring Season

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The Iona College men’s and women’s rowing programs opened up their spring seasons against Fairfield, Sacred Heart, and Manhattan on Saturday morning. Each squad competed in two varsity-8 competitions. The varsity-4 competitions were cancelled due to heavy wind and current.

In the first race against Fairfield, the Gaels placed second in a time of 7:45.1. The boat was headed by coxswain Bianca Mesqueue and followed by Logan Pietroforte, Edward Gonzalez, Christian Carstensen, Barry James, John Hidalgo, Abraham Bluestone, Patrick Drummond and Vito Roca.

In a race between all four teams, the Maroon & Gold placed third in the first varsity-8 behind Seton Hall and Fairfield respectively, finishing in 8:59.2. Coxswain Madisons Kirch led the boat, followed by Alexandra Arluna, Brittany Quirino, Reise Manchester, Bailey Kross, Allison Kaufman, Adrianna Solhjoo, Lindsay Lee and Willow Held-Pistone.

The third race saw the second Gaels varsity-8 boat finish behind the stags in a time of 8:02.5. With Tyler Reynolds at the helm, the boat was followed by Steven Quirino, Chad Doria, Matthew Laliberte, Michael Pellegrino, Tom Hoehmann, Rocco Borghetti, Tim Strowbridge and Brad Wheaton.

Iona placed third in the women’s second varsity-8 race, finishing in a time of 9:15.0. Coxswain Elise Tarrant was followed by Emily Solomos, Margaret Baik, Alessandra Danyo, Julianna Lorusso, Delia Fernandez, Luka Summers, Kate Tagliareni, and Christina Lamiroult.

The Gaels return to action next Saturday, Apr. 8 in Philadelphia to row against La Salle.


Men’s V8 (stern to bow)

Coxswain - Bianca Mesqueue

Logan Pietroforte

Edward Gonzalez

Christian Carstensen

Barry James

John Hidalgo

Abraham Bluestone

Patrick Drummond

Vito Roca

Men’s 2V8 (stern to bow)

Cowswain - Tyler Reynolds

Steven Quirino

Chad Doria

Matthew Laliberte

Michael Pellegrino

Tom Hoehmann

Rocco Borghetti

Tim Strowbridge

Brad Wheaton

Women’s V8 (stern to bow)

Coxswain - Madison Kirch

Alexandra Arluna

Brittany Quirino

Reise Manchester

Bailey Kross

Allison Kaufman

Adrianna Solhjoo

Lindsay Lee

Willow Held-Pistone

Women’s 2V8 (Stern to bow)

Coxswain- Elise Tarrant

Emily Solomos

Margaret Baik

Alessandra Danyo

Julianna Lorusso

Delia Fernandez

Luka Summers

Kate Tagliareni

Christina Lamiroult



FU - 7:05.3

Iona - 7:45.1


SHU - 7:47.4

FU - 8:10.0

Iona - 8:59.2

Man - 9:46.1


FU - 7:05.8

Iona - 8:02.


FU - 8:20.0

SHU - 8:21.3

Iona - 9:15.0


FU A - 6:05.8

FU B - 6:35.2

SHU - 6:39.0

Man - 6:59.7