School Board Member Naomi Brickel Endorses Jeffrey Hastie

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School Board Member Naomi Brickel Endorses Jeffrey Hastie

May 20, 2014 - 15:42

NewImageSchool Board Member Naomi Brickel announced today that she is endorsing Jeffrey Hastie for another term on the New Rochelle Board of Education.

In a statement issued earlier today, Brickel expressed her strong support for Hastie.

"He is the one member of this BOE that acts solely in the interests of the kids, the community, and his election platform ideals," said Brickel.

"I can relate to the frustration with a process that seems more guided by friends and political connections rather than what's in the best interest of our students in NR and our BOE fiscal, policy, and oversight responsibility," said Brickel. "I don't exactly know what the community truly wants at this point, if it is smiling faces and consistent agreement. Jeffrey is not your man."

Brickel went on to express her disappointment with fellow board members for failing to hold School Board President David Lacher accountable for what she has described as an "abuse of power" and subsequent criticism of Hastie when he sought to refer the matter to the New York State Education Department for investigation which she characterized as a "preplanned distraction tactic to avoid accountability for another colleague's grossly negligent behavior".

Lacher used taxpayer dollars to fund his medical insurance premiums for almost two years in what amounted to an interest-free, taxpayer financed, loan for up to $13,500.

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Your statement clearly underscores just how toxic the bizarre alliances and methods the board has operated under throughout the years. We ( and I mean the public) have for all too long been frustrated by the lack of discussion regarding the many " isolated incidents" and gamesmanship exhibited by a board more interested in if their shoes look shined rather than raising the issues brought before them. We commend your voice at the last board meeting. This is the type of discussion sorely needed if we are ever hope to see our education system exceed our expectations. Sunlight truly us the best disinfectant. We salute Jeff err y and your advocating for the greater good of all students and in so, creating a system that would be considered beyond reproach. Whether we agree on everything or not pales when compared to the expectation of lively and transparent debate. Lately there have been some serious character issues that some would hope would never see the light o f2f day. The board needs to be held to a higher standard if our confidence is ever to be restored. I believe the efforts of you and Jeffery are a positive step in that direction. Little by little change will occur under your stewardship and we look forward to your efforts. Thank you and know this, you will have our support.

Martin Sanchez's picture

One of the many reasons I did not continue on the School Board was because it was, in my opinion, a near criminal enterprise propagated by the then Superintendent Organisciak and long-time board members Polow and Lacher. Any effort at transparency was met with a harsh look, a denial for discussion and with repetitive admonishment to the extent that when I had something original to say or question, they even had Mayor Bramson call me to curtail my behaviour in a cursed-filled monologue. Certainly ruined my day at the then PBS Children's Programming Conference I was attending.

So Good riddance to Dee Polow. David Lacher - man you have got to go. Have you no shame?

Jeff Hastie has done many things I wanted to. Vote for Jeff. Vote for honesty and transparency.

Martin Sanchez