NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- BLUR., the serial tagger that has been plaguing New Rochelle for months has struck again, this time on the doors of the CVS on North Avenue across from Spectators Pub. The emergency exit doors face into an alley that runs between North Avenue and the Library Lot.

Talk of the Sound has set out to unmask the person with the hope of their being sentenced to cleaning up the mess they are creating in New Rochelle.

Junior reporter Micaela Cox has been documenting known instances where a person has used the tag "BLUR." or "BLR" or "BLR." Most often the tag is done with a thick black marker, perhaps a Marks-A-Lot marker, but not exclusively.

By taking photos using an iPhone with GPS location capability, Micaela has identified and documented the exact location of dozens of BLUR. tags.

If you would like to assist us you can take a photo with a phone with the location service switched "on" for the camera. If you have new BLUR. tag photos you can email them to

If you information on the identify of BLUR. you can contact Robert Cox at Talk of the Sound ( or the New Rochelle Police Department at 914-654-2300.



BLUR STRIKES AGAIN: Readers Find More Blur. Tags in New Rochelle

Serial Tagger Leaving a Trail of BLUR in New Rochelle

The full set of BLUR. tag photos here:

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