Seriously Injured New Rochelle Firefighter Thanks Community for Support


Danny Ronca, the New Rochelle firefighter seriously injured during Saturday's massive blaze at 740 Pelham Road, has put a note on Facebook thanking the community for their support.

Ronca fell backwards, down 25 feet, when a railing gave way. Ronca and another firefighter were driven backwards when the fire flashed, cutting them off from the rest of their crew.

Ronca writes:

To all my Firefighter Brothers, FB friends, NRPD, Family, and everyone who called, texted, posted, and Stopped by to see me..... It means alot!

Thank you for the wishes!!!

As of now I have a broken arm (humerus bone) 2 fractures to my pelvis, and bruising all over...

Be seeing my ortho about surgery on tuesday..... I will update as i go

Once again, thank you very much for all the love

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