Severed Rabbit's Head Found on Bridge in New Rochelle's Five Island Park

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Severed Rabbit's Head Found on Bridge in New Rochelle's Five Island Park

July 09, 2011 - 15:51

FiveIslandsBridge2New Rochelle police, earlier this morning, responded to a citizen complaint that a severed rabbit's head had been left on a bridge railing in Five Islands Park. A Talk of the Sound reader sent the following report via their Blackberry:

I was at 5 islands this morning and found a rabbit head on the railing of the first bridge of 5 islands. I wasn't sure if I should contact police or not so no report was filed by me. The rabbit head was clearly cut off by a person and left on the bridge due to the fact that the body was no where to be found.

By 11 a.m. when Talk of the Sound went to the location, police had removed the animal remains, according to a park employee. Police were still on the scene. The rabbit's head had been left on the second bridge which is also the first bridge inside the park.

Over the past year, police received a series of complaints about severed animal parts including sheep, chickens, other birds. These “sacrifices” have been reported at Ward Ares, Glenwood Lake, near, the New Rochelle train station, and now at Five Islands Park.

There has been some speculation by New Rochelle and Westchester County officials that the animal parts are being displayed in public parks because it is believed by those engaged in sacrificing animals that a public display of the sacrifices increases the power or strength of the sacrifice.

h/t to our sharp-eyed reader! Great job.

NOTE: We would encourage readers to always take a photo (a cellphone or smartphone photo is fine) when you witness something interesting or newsworthy in New Rochelle.

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Well we know that our Mayor and family did not find it since they use the parks in rye.

Maybe they can open a tiki bar here to with no lic and permits.Where is your report on hudson park MR.COX Don't worry my facts are coming i just hope you will follow up because this ntrail leads right to the top.