Shame On New Rochelle Council Members

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Shame On New Rochelle Council Members

October 11, 2012 - 07:31

IMG 4083As seen in this photo New Rochelle council members Rackman and Fertel could care less when Veterans and residents talk at citizens to be heard Wednesday night. When asked by a citizen if he was watching the Yankee game councilman Fertel said 'i wish was". Well Mr.Fertel remember you work for us the people of New Rochelle and the next time try listening to the people.If you two don't like your jobs then leave and if you don't have the common decency to listen to the people of New Rochelle and the Veterans that fought for your freedom then leave.

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I am so delighted that someone else saw what we saw!!! It's such a disgrace. They come off as very arrogant. I am so sorry Mr. Rackman and Mr. Fertel that you were so bored with what is going on in New Rochelle!! I guess no matter what the citizens have to say, you already have your mind made up!!!

Please give New Rochelle a break and dont run next time if your so bored!!!!