Shooting on Sidewalk Near New Rochelle Train Station

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Shooting on Sidewalk Near New Rochelle Train Station

October 12, 2011 - 12:17

News release from New Rochelle police and liveblogging from the scene follow -- click "read more".


At about 7:55 this morning NRPD received several reports of a shooting involving a male and female at Memorial Hwy. and Station Plaza. Responding units found two victims, a male and female, lying on the ground on the sidewalk at the southeast corner of Memorial Hwy. and Station Plaza. The male victim appeared to have been shot in the head and the female victim appeared to have been shot in the face. Witnesses at the scene reported that the man had confronted the woman at the incident location fired one shot at her with a handgun and then pointed the handgun at his mouth and shot himself. A revolver was recovered at the scene. The male victim, Alfredo Monegro, age 61, a resident of Manhattan was dead at the scene. The female victim, his daughter, Miosotis Monegro, age 34, a resident of New Rochelle, was transported to Sound Shore Medical Center, and I believe, at this time, still listed in critical condition with a bullet wound to her neck.


Shortly after 8 AM, police responded to reports of a shooting near Memorial Highway and Station Plaza. One man is dead. A woman was taken to Sound Shore Medical Center.

An eyewitness tells Talk of the Sound that there were two bodies, a man lying on top of a woman, covered in blood.

Channel 12 News is reporting that a man and a woman were shot, possible "murder-suicide" situation although initial reports are the woman is alive and being treated at Sound Shore Medical Center.

Lamont Wallace, a resident at Avalon, says the woman, in her thirties, was walking with her daughter, about 10 years old, when a man, in his sixties, shot her then shot himself in the head. The girl ran back down Memorial Highway, onto Huegenot and into Avalon One where she told the concierge that her mother had been shot.

Wallace said the there many people in the area, most going to the train station, and that they reacted with shock, some standing looking others running away.

Jay O'Meara, owner of Green Team Taxi, was on the scene. One of his taxis was parked next to the body. O'Meara says his driver was taken to police headquarters where he was cooperating with police investigators.

Initial reports are that the man was an employee or related to an employee of Avalon. The woman was a resident at Avalon One where she lived with her brothers.

Sean Salazar, owner of beanberry cafe just around the corner says he heard two shots, came to the side door, saw people running away in a panic, looked out and saw two bodies, a man laying on top of the woman.

An employee of beanberry cafe said she did not hear the gunshots but smelled the gunpowder.

Woman transferred to Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY.

NRPD Presser at 11:30 AM.


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Thank you for making New Rochelle so safe and family friendly.

Yesterday a cop got shot at.
Today a guy kills a woman and then tries to kill himself.

Noam Bramson, Chuck Strome and all the City Council Members that kiss their asses, YOU are ALL responsible for what New Rochelle has become. A crime infested city that keeps getting worse with each and every passing day.

And to all you voters that keep voting all these greedy, money hungry politicians in term after term, you are all to blame as well and when crime comes knocking on your door, it's your own fault.

the entire council bears responsibility and there are no exceptions. Nothing of any substance has been raised by any council member concerning either safety or planning and development. I have said that the two most pressing issues are downtown development and the school district; the former include safety and the latter taxes. Jim Killoran has joined me in asking the city to provide a police precinct to protect residents. The angry responder above should be angry. Many people are moving out of Avalon; the rents are being tremendously raised to encourage moving (collect fees, etc.), Iona students, section 8, are occupying and there is even talk about an operating prostitution ring.

the problem I find with many of the correspondents here is that you fail to hold sixteen feet to the fire -- that is all council members (includes the mayor) and the city manager. until you do; until you get off the idea that a simple change in leadership will change the failure to administer the City Code, manage the school board, fire commissioners who do not respond to city wide issues, etc... it will be business as usual.

you may feel comfortable about pinning the tail on the donkey, but come on, look around you, put it together and pin the tail on the elephant as well. People are taking to the streets on the left and the right because politicians are non-responsive, not acting on the immediate and pressing need.

just read a piece on David's Island and it follows someone shooting from the crack den above the thrift shop on North Avenue by the station and todays shooting/suicide. Jesus like this is important now in this economy.

nothng will change unless you focus on identifying and insisting that today's issues are solved.

You are wrong! The elephants have no power to override the jackasses on council. You appear to be an educated man so what don't you get about; the majority on council rules? You have beaten your dead horse about the charter which is very specific in that council is the legislative branch and the city manager runs the day-to-day operations. You refuse to admit this has happened under on the democrats watch and I am not referring to this one incident. Sixteen count them 16-years under democratic control and you have the audacity to include the minority in your outrage. Twelve, 12, of the sixteen, 16-years, the democrats enjoyed a super majority so please cut the crap. You support the mayor and that's your choice but please don't insult us by deflecting blame to republicans.

Here's the proof incase you missed it;

you are denying reality. all you need to do is to check on the agenda and on the videos of all council meetings. no one, repeat no one regardless of party, has raised any action step to grow downtown, take responsibility for school district, manage via the city code, etc.. you have not checked and for some reason don't think that i know how a majority/minority situation works. Of course I do old timer, if say, big papa would have offered up an agenda item to change the zoning code, or offered a GOP plan to redevelop new rochelle, it would have been voted and probably voted down. were that the case, there would have been a record on file to run against.... democrats oppose GOP ideas and plans for downtown development. the same holds for the school district... or for holding a council led investigation under Article x of the City Code against Favang or anyone else. If the GOP would have done that and the majority voted it down, something else to challenge at election time. I think this would have sealed the deal in november; meaning a democratic mayor with a GOP majority for the rest of the council.

It is exactly the same in washington now. What you are not understanding and you are not alone on this, is that all of the bitching in the world through a blog, will not bring change. you need your elected officials to do that. Don't get pissed at me; actually i agree which much of what you feel and surely with Cox's fine summary preceding your comments above. We are ripe for change, the nation is boiling over, and I am probably from your age, likely we are both veterans and long term residents, both live in the south or west side, and enough is enough.

action takes courage to confront to put yourself out there by name, by a will to make changes.

I went through my period of bullying others, denying the evidence of my eyes, heart, and mind. I am pretty much of the opinion that we are all seriously flawed especially since we grab hold of power and abuse it and someone suffers. so, my name is on this, i do not agree with some of the ways things are presented here, or with some of the conclusions. But, I am not asleep at the wheel -- I look at what Cox has summarized and like I said, Idon't care about his motives if he has any, I care about what he is pointing out on the bigger ticket items and drawing my conclusions. What turned me anti-politician are the points I raised -- the deception of the Iona process for a later example.

I will not call a man a thief unless I can prove it. I will not do things I would have done even a year earlier. What i will do is challenge you in the right way. Find me evidence that any council man has done anything to develop downtown, to make it safe, to change it over to a revenue source. Give me one example of any council man expressing any interest or taking responsibility for the desperate and tax consuming school district. Show me one example of any council man exercising his or her power to investigate and subpoena any member of city government alleged to be breaking the law or city statutes. Will you show me something in this area?

I am tired of community failings as well as government failings. Everyone talks and few act. Fewer yet sign their names; if they are in government, step up and blow the whistle.

Don't think any administration will be different.It won't as long as people eat power like addicts take drugs. This blog is power, Cox is a straight shooter for the most part. He will agree to that, yet he does bring a value to the community. Yes, I wish he would be more even-handed at times, like Tom says, his silence on Big Papa is off-putting, but he is an avowed conservative and I get that.

Again, it could have been 16 years of GOP control and the results would have been the same. The only way to play the system if you are in office is to put something out there for a vote, and if voted down, you have a platform and will pick up a lot of dissatisfied voters. Why isn't this happening today when the voting is so close. Last I saw this was when the excellent Michael Boyle would state a point and get something on the agenda for a vote.

that is it old timer, i have no axe to grind so I am finally going to abandon ship and call jim killorant and see if we can work the community to bring something to downtown to protect people. I don't give a rat's butt about David's Island at this time while some whack job is armed at 311 North and shooting at police windows. Whose next, my wife?

Last posting for me for a while I think. I am getting too worked up. Maybe I can reapply under a pseudodym with some modifier like "knows", "power", "In", "top gun" or something instead of my little old name.

Bob Cox, you are literally holding the info structure of this place in your hand. Keep doing the right thing on the right issues.

Warren, I always make sure I read what you contribute to this blog. Must you keep referring to Richard St. Paul as Big Papa. You would be the first one to criticize anyone who would refer to our present Mayor by such a disparaging name.

Knitteryou are absolutely correct. My understanding from a prior news article in the press and from someone that knows him is that this is his actual nickname.

But you are right whether that is the case or not. I apologize to you and thank you and to him through this posting.

I hope for the best for all involved in this incident. this is a talented guy with a future and I would like to think it will work out for the the children, women and for Richard St Paul. Thanks for reminding me.

Knitter, it is a terrible system. it controls the delta, or simply the nature of the question and the certainty of getting a response out to those questions of interest to him. Obama does something even worse, he salts his audience with supporters and gets pre-prepared soft ball questions.

There is no good way of achieving this given the unwillingness of the power source to agree to a better sysstem.

Bob Cox might set up a venue that would propose hard questions randomly selected from his readership, put them to a vote of readeres, prioritize them by impact and challenge the admninistration to answer.

But, being Bob Cox, they would probably slam the foot in his door.

Only thing I see is getting all council persons to have a montly drop zone or PO box where citizens in the district can write questions. Each month, two or three would be selected from each district and presented to the mayor and council for response. To ensure fairness, the selector should be someone like Jim KIlloran or a trusted man or woman of God. Responses should be recorded and the writer of each question should be invited to the question and answer session with the agreement that he or she can ask one follow up question. thats all I got.

great to hear from you again warren

Let's talk facts Warren. St. Paul proposed a business retention plan and a forensic audit after the Fevang incident and your boy blunder lead the charge 4-3 shooting it down. Don't forget it was Lou Trangucci, a republican, who bypassed the administration going straight to the DA because Fevang was allowed to rape the city after being caught many years ago. So YOU watch the tapes and there are numerous incidents where your boy blunder took a "straw poll" to see if there was interest in council on other issues which was shot down 4-3. In that sense the boy blunder outwitted the elephants because none of them made a motion and get every vote on the record but if you watch the archived meetings they will bear out what I state. Whether 4-3, 5-2 or 6-1, when all is said and done it is the jackasses on council that controlled New Rochelle for 16-years and they must accept responsibility. I'm tired of elected officials hiding behind the economy excuse as these tax abated projects were granted when things were flying high.

As far as the schools go, Cox is on top of that issue but once again to remind you that your bible, the city charter, makes no mention of the schools because it is a separate entity and council has no authority or input.

To close, you realize 311 North Ave. is a disgrace yet the jackasses on council allow it to fester and worsen daily. Don't forget about the parole office across the street on Cottage Place where hundreds of level 3 sex offenders size up our citizens all week long.

lets agree to agree and disagree at the same time. have checked again and no record of business retention plan. forensic audit is not workable on this type of audit as there is no financial malfeasance so nothing on the books that can be checked. expense of additional outside auditor goes against both common sense and what minority holds to regarding city funding. it is expensive and a crap shoot. it can be done for nothing if council authorizes a formal hearing and subpoena but they won't because current arrangements are comfortable for both parties and has been for many years. Yeah, we all know about school district under separate voting, can be changed and should be changed. ask len paduano and ron tocci and they will tell you this is the way to go

here is the thing. I told you earlier that i agree that there are many issues. I feel they are shared around the points I mentioned. the buck stops with the mayor and the system of direct election for a mayor who has both legislative and administrative power is rare. it shouldn't be that way.

like I said, unless I find a totally dedicated and honest politician, I will support fully. If not, I will either not support or go to the brightest person under the prayerful hope he or she will wake up and understand how to crtically think and work on first things first.

why the hell are we arguing for? we have serious issues in town. I am a christian and my religion teaches me to hate the sin and not the sinner. bramson is not a sinner, he is like too many politics self invested in having a legacy and pushing his agenda.

you sound like a very worthwhile guy. I am not going to convince you so I am putting this to rest. But i suggest you take a look at the pain, the sin, the things that need to be addressed now in the city before we float out to see.

don't take my word for it; who the hell am I but someone with an opinion that, like you, genuinely cares for New Rochelle. Like I said on two occasions, I am going to work with people like Jim Killoran or the people in Community Zone to plant a seed, sweep a sidewalk, whatever. Plus, put this in the Bank.... if Ronald Reagan came back to life and was elected mayor here, he would be faced with the existing problems plus a movement to ask for taxes higher than the cap come next year. I fear the police and fire services will be cut as they are most vulnerable.

There is a fight for you if you don't see what I have been talking about earlier as a fight the entire council and citizenry must face. If the school budget is asked to go higher than the cap, there probably won't be federal money to bridge the gap --- the ideoligical battles between the administration and congress are too great. Cuomo is likely not to go and solve the mandate issue in total and the big one is pensions.

counties will get relief on medicaid, but the city will still face the dilemma of less revenue than expenses. All of the cute bramson drawings, the allegations that he is a monster will not mean a damn thing. what means something is accepting the problems as they exist: (1) school district, (2) revised business strategy directed at downtown business development, (3) basic crime prevention, and as I think you will see, the coming issues around over the cap and endangering our first provider protection.

That is my final word on this topic and under this blog. I am going to meet with Jim today and make a few calls. I respect you more than my words may suggest, but Noam Bramson is not a monster, he simply has lost his way on prioritizing critical issues during desperate times. The Council members are not monsters, they simply ignore coming forth and clarifying what their roles, relationships and responsibilities are. the people involved in the Iona project are not monsters, they simply do not read carefully enough and discount the "escape clause" given to Iona and the City if things are not working out, the failure to have the actual involved neighborhoods appoint the members of their choice, the shortsightedness of not expanding the entire City as a potential developmental and growth site for Iona expansion because of the inconvenience of walking or traveling by van to reach campus. It is being done now from Avalon if you are interested. But the worse to me is the lack of aggressive questioning by residents on new housing wher the emerging mantra seems to be to build above existing street level shops. Are you kidding, can you take that seriously?

Sorry to run on, but it is my last post on this topic. I would encourage people to take direct action or participation and stop whining about things you cannot control by whining. Just act!

I have attended a few meetings in the city and so far the Mayor showed up at one neighborhood event. It seems that the agenda is one where you write a question on paper and then if the person hosting the meeting thinks the question is viable it is asked. With that kind of format, how do we have our questions answered? I do not believe in having private meetings with anyone in government. I believe a question from a fellow citizen no matter where they live or what they are experiencing should be one we can all learn from. But we need the answers. I only hope whoever is elected realizes the citizen of New Rochelle want to help get this city back on its feet.

Robert Cox's picture

Warren wrote:

"there is no financial malfeasance so nothing on the books that can be checked. expense of additional outside auditor goes against both common sense and what minority holds to regarding city funding. it is expensive and a crap shoot. "

You then suggest that people "act".

I did act.

I contacted one of the top forensic auditors in the county in Chicago. We have a mutual acquaintance and I asked for some time on the phone and got it. He had many great ideas on what could be done in New Rochelle.

I trust you realize that your statement that there is "no financial malfeasance so nothing on the books that can be checked" is a circular argument. Since nothing wrong was done there is no reason to check if something wrong was done. That sounds like Noam logic :-)

Let's keep it simple with an actual case.

There are two invoices for a garbage truck for about $12,000 from a vendor in New Jersey. I know because I have both of them and have published them in a previous article.

The City's garbage truck mechanic signed a deposition and testified under oath to a grand jury that the work charged on the invoice was never done.

Two other mechanics, both brought in by the DA, checked the truck and concurred that the work described in the invoice was not done.

If you would like to see the invoices I can show them to you; if you want to check with the DA call Brian Conway. The case is now closed (Fevang plead guilty so he should be willing to talk to you about this). But suppose you take my word for it for now, OK?

This would, in my view constitute a credible allegation of fraud as a result of which the City is out $12,000 of taxpayer money. It would certainly indicate "financial malfeasance" and there are invoices so this is "on the books" and "can be checked".

You say that a forensic audit is expensive.

Really, and how do you know what it would cost? What would that cost be relative to what would be recouped through restitution by vendors who received payments for work that was not done? Since we agree no one has checked no one really knows how much Fevang stole or how many other people were involved.

I have more invoices, including two more from the same vendor that bring the total to above $30,000. There are multiple vendors, on multiple vehicles over a period of a decade. No one can know for sure but I am willing to bet that if an auditor started digging and contacting vendors and interviewing employees there might be well over six figures, even into the hundreds of thousands of dollars involved. That can by a lot of auditors. The truth is neither of us really know how much money there is to go get, right?

However, the Chicago auditor addressed that point.

He suggested putting out a request to auditors to come before council and explain how they would go about a forensic audit and learn more about how they would proceed. He said a good auditor would propose doing a sample first to scope out the amount of work. Based on that they would then be able to determine whether there were issues worth exploring, describe them and provide a more detailed proposal with a scalable cost if further work was warranted.

Doesn't that seem reasonable?

In his scenario, you might get some good advice at no cost in the initial discussions and could just bite off what you can chew, so to speak in terms of going deeper and incurring costs.

Since there is about $30,000 as "low-hanging fruit" in New Jersey, there is money that could be gotten from that vendor to cover the cost of the initial effort. Done right, the City would MAKE MONEY if they can began uncovering more issues; if they were not finding more the process would end and the costs would end.

Does this sound like an approach you could support?

At the very least do you accept that the fake invoices from the NJ vendor on the garbage truck for $12,000 at least constitute a CREDIBLE ALLEGATION? I mean you have three mechanics -- one city employee and two independent mechanics hired by the DA -- saying no work was done and yet the City paid $12,000.

Yes, Bob it is reasonable. My comments were directed at the Favang situation. Your situation is one that satisfies the definition of reasonableness. My sense is that this was not the City Hall steps motivation.

You bring up another interesting point that should be considered and that is the adequacy of the current independent audit team. You know the covenant here; if they are aware and not responsive, they are in violation of their independent audit charge. If available information is being hidden, that is another matter.

I would have been much more comfortable with St Paul etal if they grounded their request in much less political terms. They did not and I will not go over the roles, relationships, responsibilities argument again.

I accept your findings and fully support a citizen's request for an forensic audit or at least some top level explanation (but prefer the former) on the basis of your finding and not on the shotgun approach from the minority council.

There are multiple holes in the management process in new rochelle. To be fair, the conditions I cite, coupled with the dynamics of a failing economy, increased powerlessness of people, active social media, and most important, a very apparent change in our society that supports selfishness or narcissism over what made us great earlier, sacrifice for the country and greater good.

Maybe we expect too much of a Bramson or any politician in terms of the above facts. But I don't think we should give up on trying to resurrect or rebuild a positive community built on those values and practices that made us great.

The commendable Knitter also comments wisely and I want to call readers attention to what this person is saying. He is a positive voice. He needs to be heard.

Bob, you have done a service in articulating a non-political reason to examine the breakdown in the New Rochelle political process. I contend it will remain broken no matter who is at the helm until and unless men and women who look beyond their re-electability or electability step up and crisply define what is broken and what is needed to fix it. I commend you for your comment and I hope that it is embraced by the members of the entire council and framed as you have framed it or challenged within the context of your remarks. And I hope your readership takes a deep breath and for a fleeting moment considers how difficult good governance is at this time, becomes more forgiving and empathetic and focus more on changing the system where it will do the right thing.

I close with my personal disappoint of Obama who I believe creates more problems than he solves. He had Simpson-Bowles and he had a legislative voting edge for two years and sat on his hands. Now he goes campaigning and puts forth terrible, non-working responses for addressing the national pain. Here is my point thought, the opposition does exactly the same substituting other unworkable ideas to address our national pain. Some of the ideas on both sides have merit in the longer term; none address the current state sufficiently.

So, Noam sees Echo Bay and Davids Island which may well have merit in the longer term. He sees Sustainability which has great merit, but not now, especially when not properly integrated with traditional planning. Nationally, the issue is jobs, today, not the national debt, proper expense management and tax relief in the short term, not balanced budgets which cannot be balanced on the basis of our federalist system where state budgets are mandated to be balanced in all but one isolated case. Critical thinking must be applied to that --- net, net the size of the federal government and its responsibility is a critical thinking issue and not a damn sound bite.'

Locally, we have to address the City Code to restore credibility of the management process and address divisiveness and likely take some of the heat off Strome who could use some help at this point. We need to bring the school district to the city administration simply to address the attractabilty of the City as an investment for commercial and residential interests. We have to build and support and protect a vital business district to relieve burdens on the tax payer. We have enough burden placed on a limited enfranchised group called property owners as it is.

That, in a nutshell, is my argument. I care for Noam Bramson, I support any council person who demonstrates moral or intellectual courage and at this point they are Trangucci and Rice.

Bob, this is my way of answeing your entry. You have presented a very reasonable prima facie case for a meaningful examination of ou business processes and it may be that the forensic audit is the route and I stand squarely on that ground with the caveats and explanations forthwith.

thank you for your work, thank Knitter for his insights and compassionate thinking and literally my prayers are with all people of good will who embrace the idea of a positive change for our City. Try to understand that when you look at Noam, Richard, Barry, etc. you are looking at yourself in the mirror. We all have pride, faults, it obliges us to accept that and do better.

"I close with my personal disappoint of Obama who I believe creates more problems than he solves. He had Simpson-Bowles and he had a legislative voting edge for two years and sat on his hands."

Au contraire, Warren.

Far from "sitting on his hands", Obama, who on September 16, 2008 less than two months from the election, was seperated from McCain by 3% in all polls, was faced with an economic catastrophe which by and large, was laid at the feet of the Republicans and George Bush.
That issue alone, and his response to it compared to McCain's, put him over the top and clearly was the major issue facing the country then, as it is these three years later.

What did Obama do with his victory, and majority's in both Houses of Congress for over two years?

Why of course, he pushed through the most expensive, one sided entitlement package since Medicare, one sixth of the American economy, ObamaCare, and all without one single amendment allowed from the minority Republicans. In fact, the Speaker of the House threatened to have ObamaCare "deemed passed" by the Congress.

Nothing like democracy, eh Warren?

The "opposition" as you call us, is operating on all cylinders, trying to halt this and other ideas Obama has informed us are also part of his campaign promise in 2008 to "transform America".

Warren, you seem to be a thoughtful guy.

How's that Obama transformation of America working out for you so far?

I know. It's all Bush's fault.

I think Obama is close to the most misleading, deceiving president that ever disgraced our office. Maybe I said something to the contrary. If not, you are correct. It is not all Bush's fault, only the fact that he failed to budget for the war and began the slide into building the national debt.

So we agree.

Old Timer; let it go. I reviewed all tapes, read the City Clerk records and I will personally ask a GOP council man. No record of any proposal by St Paul. If you have it, show it.

I don't give a rat's butt if you think I am too verbose. I know pretty much of what I speak. You are just someone who is locked into the simple path of being an ideologue, meaning if it ain't GOP, it ain't worthy of talking about. Didn't think you were an insulting guy, but looks like when you don't know what the hell you are talking about you resort to insulting someone behind a hidden name. If you want to talk about something intelligently, ask Bob Cox to hook you up with a blog otherwise like I said yesterday, I am finished with this topic. I only responded today because Bob Cox made reasonable points about forensic audits and Inman and I seem to be on the same page, but he sees something else, so maybe that is my fault for being unclear. Maybe he interprets "sitting on his hands" as being complimentary. It is far from that. Nothing needs to be said further than what Inman follows with; the man had a legislative majority for 2 years and he sat on his hands and let Pelosi and Reid develop ideas and they had none or if they did, they were pure idelogical bull. Nuff said

Hey Warren,

It was Obama who schemed to revamp the health care system in America, and so it's been the dream of every liberal democrat president since FDR.

Socialized medical care.

If it was Pelosi's idea we'd hang her name on it. She's just a foot soldier who answered the Oval Office phone and took orders. Obama is too lazy and inexperienced to craft any legislation or lead others in anything but class warfare.

Where would he have learned to lead anybody, outside of training ACORN troops in Chicago to protest bank vice-presidents in their mortgage departments.

Negotiating highway off ramp speeds in the Illinois State House for 9 years?

we are beating a dead horse. old timer, lou is not my representative but will be this year. I called him offering my help. bramson has lost his way,but i hope with all my heart it changes. It may not, partly because you folks literally hate him down these parts.Old Timer, my wife is literally not talking to me becuse I reviewed every council meeting on the computer and tv and it was never introduced. Nothing was added in public agenda. maybe sosmething took place during closed sessions. I was told by jared rice nothing was raise this year. I have faith and trust in him. I will visit louis trangucci and ask him as soon as i can.

It becomes sad when people like us who want the same thing fight over politicians who refuse to give us the same thing.

Inman, if you read directly or between the lines, I think Obama is literally a snake--- watching people suffer while he attempts re-election, allowing his solar energy start up which went belly up to get a rate that may be in violation of federal law on retrun of investment of public funds to taxpayers. He also protecst this jeff/from mutt and jeff (showing my age) attotrney general who lies in front of Issa's Committee and he will get away with him. Gimme one bitch on him and I will double down. He does not even have the decency, neither to other holiday and musical performers, whose significant parenting came from white mothers and whose fathers were sperm donors or abusers, to honor his mothers side of the family by saying he is multi-racial. Honor thy Father and thy Mother? Not so here.

Oh for Chris Christie.

Warren, the people who "hate" Noam do so because he is an elitist. I personally saw Bramson degrade a senior citizen at citizens to be heard. A frail woman who did not have a good command of English but had the courage to stand up ask for help for her neighborhood. Another time there was a debate, like the one taking place tonight, where Jack Scarangella was opposing Jim Maisano for county legislator. I was sitting behind Noam and heard him say Jim is by far the best candidate. A councilman sitting next to Naom said, then I guess you will be voting for Jim (facetiously) and Noam snapped no, I don't believe there should be another republican elected in New Rochelle and he wasn't kidding. I believe you will agree Noam is not a people person. That aside he has failed New Rochelle while amassing a power base to keep him in office. Behind the scenes Noam is vicious to opposing views. By the way councilman Rice bested Noam by compiling proxies before the convention to take the nomination away from Noam's chosen one. Sadly, since then Rice has capitulated.
Trangucci will tell you small business retention was discussed at council but no legislation as dems were not interested because that would be tantamount to admitting their policies have failed.

Haven't experienced it personally, but don't question your observation. I am very issue oriented as you see and my passion is to try to change the conversation toward issues, not personalities. As it is now, I see many,many issues and as someone who managed very large payrolls and complex businesses I am not happy and my posts likely indicate that.

Louis will say that but conversations dont cut it. Something of this importance has to be concretized into a clear proposition in council and put up for a vote. That is the only way you know what was actually proposed and who was for it and against it.

Anthony, if Louis would have done the above and put it for a vote, it would have established a record to run on. The GOP could have gone to any district and said, we proposed x and the majority voted against it. This makes the majority defend its reasoning. That is how you get people to change their mind.

Whatever you say or write I take both seriously and without any sense that there is any malice or selfish agenda.

Read my words on this one and previous postings when I can stop typing like a madman,and I hope to the Good Lord you see that I am not trying to follow someone like a blind sheep, but I picked who I thought had the best mind going in the group. I could be wrong on these matters, but like Socrates once said, "believe you know nothing and question those that do." If I have misplaced my faith, I will turn. I've done so on issues like the Armory.

I really am happy you posted. I want to see you soon. And, don't give up yet on Jared. He just got there. Give him time to find his feet. He is a decent, God fearing, family man who is working with the sweat of his brow as well as his mind, to make this a better place. Let's give him some time.

Warren please enlighten me as to where you found the city clerk's records? They don't exist unless you are Bennie Giles. Don't ask a GOP councilman, go to the source if you want the answer. I know Cox better than you and I know that while you define me, someone you have no knowledge of, you are the tainted one when it comes to local politics. I am a proud republican who is proud of supporting and voting for other party candidates including democrats when I believe they are the most qualified candidate. You on the other hand claim openness by touting Bramson and Trangucci. Then tell me this; why have you given $400 dollars to Noam's 2011 campaign with two donations while not giving Trangucci one penny? I'm not sure with the new district lines but Trangucci may be your representative. I know more than you are willing to admit and have you figured the BZZZZZZ out yet? But go ahead and file your 3rd, 4th or 5th last/final post on this subject we are waiting. As far as what you're missing it's reality and the failure to acknowledge that under the Jackasses for the last 16 years New Rochelle has declined. Oh there may exist a beautiful skyline from the Cross County Parkway or the Long Island Sound to steer your vehicle or vessel by but the quality of life, public safety, infrastructure and morale has sadly declined.

You get fixated on a minute fact, like council subpoena power, which I will take you at your word exists but who cares? Can you cite one time that power was exercised by council? The council has the power to appoint the mayor as head of the police in times of emergency but would you want Noam or any other non-qualified person directing our police force in an emergency? The charter is outdated, except for council salaries, which have been raised twice under the jackasses administrations. So let us agree to disagree but when you state fact that is not so don't cry if you are challenged.

Sorry Warren but there are toooo many responses to your ramblings soI will respond to your novels simply. St. Paul proposed a committee to develop a business retention plan and the jackasses downed it. I don't know where or how vigorously you checked but you missed it of course unless you made a call to the boy blunder and accepted his answer as gospel. As far as there is "no financial malfeasance" the DA is currently investigating a building inspector who was allowed to resign, Fevang has pleaded guilty, the DPW commissioner resigns just before the indictment and well I guess I'm wasting my time on a Bramsonite who like his idol will never accept responsibility for what happened on his watch. Ask Noam how a councilwoman qualified for life time benefits when she didn't serve the required 5 years on council. See if he reveals the no post job awarded her to qualify through Home Land Security and here's a hint BZZZZZZZ.

As far as what Obama inherited I despise that LAME excuse. Are you prepared to admit that Obama was so stupid he didn't know what he would inherit? Come on Warren as you stated you need to leave pollyannaville and come back to reality.

Robert Cox's picture

If we want to know who is to blame we need only look in a mirror.

We have either grown up in New Rochelle or moved to New Rochelle but all of us have personally invested some significant part of our lives in New Rochelle and none of us wants to admit we have made a mistake. We want to hear that everything is going to be OK and so when out government tells us every thing is OK we desperately want to believe that.

I will leave it to you to identify the psychological angle on the human need to be told we are right about something, even when we are not.

So, when our school leadership tells us 83% of students graduated on time when just two years ago that figure stood around 60% we accept the 83% figure because it makes us feel better about yourselves even though we know it is illogical to think that any school district can increase the requirements to graduate and increase the graduation rate, let along raise the rate by 35% in just two years.

When our Mayor and City Manager tell us that they will keep under the 2% cap and not raise taxes that much, we believe it...because we need to believe it.

And like today, when Police Commissioner tells dozens of reporters that the area around the train station is safe, that this incident today is not indicative of downtown New Rochelle, we desperately want that to be the case.

Except we know that in the past few months there have been shootings, stabbings, TWO cases of men making suicide attempts after murdering a woman in just the past few weeks, a cop car shot at, various robberies and assaults, a car jacking, taxi drivers held up at gun point. The 309-311 buildings have been a haven for murderers, thieves and drug addicts (machete murder, drug overdose, the WIlliams murder, etc.)

Today, at the press conference, after Police Commissioner Carroll tried to tell the press that the shooting today was uncommon and the train station safe, I asked a question.

"There was a shooting of a police car ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRAIN STATION earlier this week, do you think that shooting had anything to do with the shooting today".

Carroll did a slow burn as he turned towards me, then smiled and send "no, he did not think they were connected".

After the press conference a local TV reporter tapped me on the should to say that she wanted to ask the same question but was afraid to make Carroll angry and that she was glad I asked the question. I asked her if she thought Carroll liked the question, she shook her head emphatically "no" and laughed.

Of course, they were not connected but if he is going to get up there and flat out lie about the safety around the train station then he deserves a question like that in front of a room full of reporters.

Again, we need to look in the mirror because the lies of our twin governments only mean something if we continue to accept them.

We warned on this website, that the mayor council police, Dont do anything about these low life in New Rochelle, you all are PATHETIC, You all are complicit. A new Mayor, Police commissioner, and city manager are needed here.
To My jewish friends in New Rochelle. Dont vote for Bramson. Ive talked to many of you who vote blindly, for bramson. take your family to downtown first, Have Dinner, Take a walk then cast your vote!

I moved to new rochelle against people advising me that it was ghetto. Well - they were right, but I never realized that it is a full on, shooting on the sidewalk outside a $2k/mo apartment building at 8 am ghetto.

I never understood how these ghetto people can afford to live in the avalon's. Tthe environment they bring with them is too much, and now it is dangerous. All I can say is that I am getting out of this dead, ghetto shell of a city.

where will you move. name a better city in the state of New York? name a safer city with more than 50k residents in the whole tri-state area.

Child molesters work in NR schools. Prostitutes service every nook and cranny of downtown. The homeless build a drug and booze filled tent city along south division street. Robberies abound. Public service workers take bribes left and right and harass law abiding, tax paying citizens. Street gangs tag their turf. Police get shot at for no reason at all. Bullets break the morning still while honest hardworking citizens and their children are off the work and school. Yes,kids, such is a day in the life of the current mayor's " Utopia" the greenest, safest, and most family and business friendly community in lower Westchester. Wow ! Are we not so VERY LUCKY to have a mayor who sees things so clearly and beautifully? Are we not lucky to be living in this, the best of all possible suburban cities ? Are we not lucky to be blessed with such an attentive, dedicated, and marvelous, malignant narcissist mayor? Yes, life in Utopia is marvelous, marvelous! Or is it? When will the voters of this town wake up? What will it take?

When you purchase an apartment it comes with a Crime Scene Investigator first hand real life reality view of New Rochelle.
16 years of Bramson oh don't blame him he is a Ceremonial Mayor for crime and coruption.
He is only the real mayor for manipulation of the Council Districts so he keeps the 4-3 majority, and he is a real full time mayor for manipulation of the IDA of New Rochelle Board to keep the Tax incentives to Developers coming and all the rest of his spew.
16 years of Bramson land brings Crime, Decay and Tax Pilots Bankrupting the City of New Rochelle undermaning Police and fire.
Good work Boy Wonder....Your a Harvard Genius.

Did the cops even get to use the big paddy wagon? I didn't see it in any of the pictures. You know the mobile command center, the big RV looking vehicle that hardly ever gets used but that requires maintence ect to keep. The only time I've ever seen that thing on the road was during 1 of the demonstrations against IKEA 10-12 years ago. Must use 5 gallons of gas just to start. I'm surprised Bramson didn't try to go hybrid on that vehicle, like the garbage truck.

I took a later train this morning. Was greeted by a covered body surrounded by yellow tape. If you want the update of anything going on in New Rochelle ask the cab drivers. If you missed this incident you can be greeted at anytime of the day or night by huge rats running in the street and sidewalk in back of the Avalon. Still the mayor does not understand what is going on in this city. It is time he takes off the blinders. He is the problem not the solution.

I guess if Avalon paid its fair share of taxes, we could actually hire more police to patrol the streets. Chaulk another one up for Noam.

are you really a "mayor basher"? so it's noam's fault that the woman got shot today? really?

I just received this email from City Hall:
For a full list of leaf collection do's and don'ts, or for further information call the Leaf Information Hot Line at 654-6510 or the Department of Public Works at 235-4029 between 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday or visit

I would have like to get a similar email from the Mayor and Police Commissioner concerning the shooting. If I had any questions, etc. a hot line number or better yet the Police Commissioner at the train station the next morning. Do you think he knows where it is located?



You shouldn't publish this sought of thing--you are creating a bad image for NR. Next time, just say someone "expired" in back of the train station.


Blind men can see how bad Bramson, Strome and all the other Council Puppets made New Rochelle what it is today.

Bob is doing his job as a reporter.

I suggest you take off the standard North End Issued Rose Colored Glasses and take a real look at what Noam, Strome, Idoni and all the other past and present council idiots have done to our once great city.

I suggest you get your sarcasm detectors recalibrated friend.