Some Helpful Legal Links

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Some Helpful Legal Links

January 26, 2012 - 02:38

As I continue to involve my law firm with the internet world, I have come across some very useful legal links to websites and blogs. Here are a few that I check regularly:

– Are you a U.S. Supreme Court junkie? Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute is a terrific resource. Check out this link to review the latest decisions from the highest court in the land:

– There are so many other useful pages on this Cornell Law School site, but in particular, there is a link for New York law, which contains the NYS Constitution and statutes, Court of Appeals and Appellate Division decisions, and a lot more. Here is the link:

– Do you have questions about the NYS Civil Practice Law & Rules, better known as the CPLR? This blog has always been helpful to my litigation practice:

– I just added two RSS feeds to this Blog that you can find in the right column. The first is the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, and I always find it interesting:

– The second is FindLaw’s Noteworthy Decisions & Settlements Blog:

– Lastly, the New York Personal Injury Law Blog is very well done:

I am sure there are many other useful legal websites and blogs out there, so please feel free to share them on a comment to this post.

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