The Son of Westchester County Democratic Boss Reportedly Fired From Cushy Job


A source in the White Plains Family Court states that the son of Westchester County Democratic Party Boss, Reginald LaFayette, was fired last week from his patronage job at the Westchester County Family Court. The source indicates that everyone is tight-lipped around the courthouse for fear of retaliation. However, the source said that it is alleged that Jahi LaFayette was fired because he lied on his job application.

Apparently Jahi LaFayette lie was exposed when a Westchester Newspaper requested information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) regarding the salaries of individuals who were newly promoted by Chief Administrative Judge Alan Scheinkman. It is alleged that employees of the Office of Court Administration (OCA), in connection with the FOIA request, noticed that Jahi LaFayette had recently received a large increase in his salary and decided to investigate the reason for such a huge increase in less than a year of employment.

It is alleged that under close examination, it was discovered that Jahi LaFayette lied on is job application. The source at the White Plains Courthouse states that two employees from OCA visited the Westchester County Family Court last week and escorted Jahi LaFayette from the building.

Another source familiar with the hiring practices of the Court System indicates that there maybe criminal charges that are warranted when an individual is determined to have lied in filing a false document with a government entity.

Westchester County citizens who are concerned with the rampant corruption in government are waiting very patiently to see if Westchester County District Attorney, Janet DiFiore, is going to bring charges against Jahi LaFayette. The District Attorney has been alleged to engage in selective prosecution of some individuals while she let other individuals with whom she is alleged to have close ties go free.

There are other politically connected individuals living in the City of Mount Vernon who have engaged in defrauding the taxpayers of Westchester who still have not been charged with criminal offenses. As the son of the most powerful political boss in Westchester, we are on our toes waiting to see if justice will be served in this case. The District Attorney has made an example of Adam Bradley, the former White Plains mayor.

We hope that she will not engage in favoritism and that she will perform the job that Westchester County residents elected her to perform. Jahi LaFayette appears to be following in his politically connected father's footsteps. Sources have reported that he was elected president of the Westchester Young Democrats late last year.

It will also be interesting to see whether or not he will resign from this position or if he will be pompous enough to retain his position after he was allegedly fired for lying on official government documents.

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