St. Paul's Legal Troubles

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St. Paul's Legal Troubles

September 29, 2011 - 16:55

I am a bit surprised that there has been no mention of this on this site.

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Excellent point Tom, where is St. Paul? He better get on top of this quickly or its all going to over fast.

What's his side of the story?

Doesn't anyone else think the timing of this is just a little too close to the election? Dirty politics are written all over this, but where is Richard? The country forgave Bill Clinton for much worse.

It'd be nice if he'd have a press confernce w/some of his kids there, telling us all how great a Dad he is.

What I find most troubling isn't the fact that he has some personal child support problems, it's the fact that he wasn't sharp enough to think that it would become public. It was a critical error in judgement, he didn't tell his political party about his troubles and now they are left with egg on their faces. I probably would have voted for him but I have serious doubts now. If he could make such a huge mistake with such a simple problem, what would he do with bigger issues?

Yes very troubling but didn't he this coming? How could he not have? These things always surface to the top.

Like I said if he doesn't get out in front of this, he's done if he isn't done already. Such a shame, I had high hopes.

Still I can't see myself voting for Bramson regardless of circumstances.

This belongs on the site. It is not a question of guilt or innocence. It is news and the kind of news that is important for people in New Rochelle.

There are many, too many instances in society today that mirror the allegations put forth in the Journal News. My take is that you need to take responsibility for the children.

I have a lot of respect for Fifth Avenue Guy's posting. He appears to be honest, he is inteliigent and loves the city of New Rochelle.

Were we friends, my advice would be not to cast any ballot for Mayor. I have searched the record as it appears in videos of Council Meetings, Agenda items and beyond that, was curious about how many different locations this man has lived in over the past 5 years. I find no record of anything approaching a contribution -- no record of coming up with any positive ideas to build downtown, create anything. If his character is as alleged and I sure as hell don't know that for a fact, this would be an instant disqualifier. If you cannot live up to personal obligations, how can you represent a City in need.

It is a shame. St Paul is a bright guy with a gift for coming up with insightful inquiries. Must be a good attorney. But, I see nothing too tangible that he has accomplished while in office.

In summary, Tom is right. This is something that belongs on TOTS as simply a news item. I have seen this site grow considerably as a place for all views. No one should demand that a site should be fair and balanced. Slate will always tilt in one direction and Gawker will be urban smartass, but that is their right. TOTS is a strongly conservative site and that is fine.

As I have said before, this site has become a community site and the quality and respectfulness of the greater majority of the correspondents has improved greatly.

Richard St Paul should not be judged by us. We can wish him the best and hope he does what he judges to be the right thing. He has my wishes and hopes for this, but again, what has he really done to move this City forward. I would actually judge him harder than most because he is brighter than most.

My thoughts go out to the children involved.

Separate the court case from a crime and then you will see why some are not concerned. Richard St. Paul has not committed a crime.