TALK OF THE SOUND EXCLUSIVE: President Obama Coming to New Rochelle Friday


Official portrait of Barack Obama

James O'Toole and @eyeonnewroc contributed to this story.

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- President Barack Obama will be in New Rochelle, N.Y., the Talk of the Sound has learned.

Talk of the Sound reached out to the White House press office for confirmation but never heard back and ran the story anyway.

Sources familiar with the preparations say Obama will be visiting a house in the area of Emerson Avenue/Premium Point.

UPDATE: Despite an erroneous news report to the contrary, the location of Obama's visit is definitely in New Rochelle, as described above. See, Barack Obama's New Rochelle "Roundtable Fundraiser" Hosted by Green Energy Executive with Ties to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., John Negroponte

Businesses in the area were notified today by U.S. Secret Service that roads around the entrance to the gated community on Route 1/Main Street will be closed off from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Secret Service officers told business owners to expect a heavy concentration of police, equipment, helicopters and other security in the area throughout the day.

The New York Post reported earlier today that the President would be attending a fundraising dinner in Purchase, N.Y.. According to the Post, the Purchase event, a “Labor Day barbecue”, will be held at the home of Robert Wolf, former CEO of UBS Americas and cost up to $32,000 a plate.

This will be Obama's sixth trip to New York in the last three months.

Blue Hill at Blue

UPDATE: Talk of the Sound has learned that President Obama will be staying over in Westchester over the weekend. He is attending a wedding at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY on Saturday. Still no word back from the White House.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns, our restaurant located in Westchester County, offers a private dining for up to 14 guests and the HayLoft which seats 40 to 260 guests. In addition, meetings, outings and retreats for up to 260 guests can be accommodated on-site, with custom team-building activities led by farmers and chefs.

UPDATE: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will attend the wedding of MSNBC host Alex Wagner and former White House chef Sam Kass.

UPDATE: Air Force One and Marine One will be landing at Westchester County Airport on Friday, sources tell Talk of the Sound.

UPDATE: President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will attend U.S. Open on Sunday then leave New York from LGA or JFK.

UPDATE: Brian Tumulty, the DC reporter for the Journal News, confirming Obama trip to New Rochelle: scheduled to be a small roundtable style event with about 25 people in New Rochelle who will be donating up to $32,400 each to the DNC. Tumulty add that Obama will a third fundraiser on Friday in Rhode Island.

UPDATE: @bluehillfarm favorited one of our tweets yesterday, the one on Obama attending a wedding at Blue Hill at Stone Barns , @bluehillfarm un-favorited that tweet today. I suppose someone thought better of that particular favorite.

UPDATE: News12 has a story running based on our reporting, Report: Obamas to visit Hudson Valley this weekend

NEW ROCHELLE - President Barack Obama is reportedly going to be making a visit to the Hudson Valley this weekend.

The Talk of the Sound is reporting that the president, along with the first lady, are expected to be in Westchester beginning this Friday to attend two fundraisers for the Labor Day holiday.

One event will take place in Purchase, while the other will be held in New Rochelle. Both will then attend the U.S. Open on Sunday.

This will be Obamas sixth trip to New York in the last three months.

RUMOR MILL: the above reporting of Obama's Labor Day weekend in Westchester has led to some speculation that is too tantalizing not to mention. The following is speculation based on a few tidbits: (1) Obama is giving more thought to his post-presidency than his aides like to suggest. He has spoken privately of his intention to establish a foundation with the reach and influence of the Clinton Global Initiative, the international fundraising juggernaut started by former President Bill Clinton. And despite his deep connections to Chicago, he has told friends he would like to live in New York City.; (2) Obama will be visiting Premium Point in New Rochelle, NY. Premium Point is a guard-gated private community in the city of New Rochelle in Westchester County, New York. The area consists of a series small islands connected by bridges to a peninsular fronting on Long Island Sound and backing on Premium Mill Pond and Echo Bay. Most homes overlook the water and have private beaches and mooring; (3) The Chock Full O' Nuts house just went on the market. After a spruce-up and proper staging, the property at 108 Premium Point is now on the market. It's listed with Lou Pollak of Houlihan Lawrence's Larchmont office for $7,999,888.; (4) sources familiar with the "spruce-up" have previously told Talk of the Sound that an electrical generator "big enough to light up half of New Rochelle" is being installed on the property.

Are the Obama's house hunting in New Rochelle as part of their weekend in New York? Again, pure speculation but some interesting dots to connect.


Houlihan Lawrence Real Estate Listing 108 Premium Point

UPDATE: Robert Cox of Talk of the Sound interviewed on WCBS-TV New York for Lou Young report, Stop In Westchester Has Some Wondering Whether Obamas Are Mulling Move To New York.

UPDATE: City of New Rochelle has issued an important traffic advisory for East End residents and businesses for Friday, August 29. Effective 12 noon through 6 PM, no parking will be permitted in posted areas on Main and Huguenot Streets from Echo Avenue to Emerson, and along Emerson Ave. From 1:45 to 4PM there will be intermittent closures on these roads. Please plan your travel accordingly. Thank you.

UPDATE:Talk of the Sound is getting a lot of attention today as details of the Obama trip to Westchester are confirmed by other sources. Thanks to all those providing mentions of Talk of the Sound and links back to the site, we appreciate it!

Politico: Obama to attend Kass, Wagner wedding

President Barack Obama is slated to attend the wedding of his personal chef Sam Kass and MSNBC host Alex Wagner on Saturday. Kass and Wagner, dubbed by Vogue the political "'It-couple' of the year," are getting married at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, N.Y.

Their [President Obama and Michelle Obama] attendance was first reported by the New Rochelle news website Talk of the Sound.

Mediaite: Obama Will Attend MSNBC Host Alex Wagner’s Wedding

The New Rochelle Talk, which broke the news of the Obamas’ visit, added that he would also attend two fundraising dinners, tickets to which cost $32,000 each.

The wedding itself will take place at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, a renowned restaurant/farm run by Dan Barber and a favorite of the Obamas. If you are a follower of celebrity chef culture, this choice of wedding venue is not a surprise.

UK Daily Mail: President Obama and Michelle to attend wedding of First Family's personal chef to MSNBC host

On Sunday, the Obamas will attend the US Open before heading out, according to Talk of the Sound, which first broke the news of the president's visit to Westchester.

The Washington Times: Obama to attend wedding for MSNBC’s Alex Wagner

The Obamas’ attendance was first reported by the New Rochelle news website Talk of the Sound. Secret Service officers reportedly told business owners to expect a heavy concentration of police, helicopters and other security in the area throughout the day.

The New York Daily News: Obama plans packed Labor Day weekend with 3 fund-raisers and a New York wedding

He will be back in Westchester on Friday night, likely with wife Michelle in tow, to attend the Kass/Wagner wedding on Saturday at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills on Saturday, according to a report in the Talk of the Sound...Local news reported that the President and First Lady would attend the US Open on Sunday but the White House travel schedule shows the President will return to Washington on Saturday.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We broke every element of this story of where the President would be on Friday and Saturday and every bit has been confirmed; we stand by our reporting that the Obamas will attend the US Open at the National Tennis Center in Queens on Sunday.

The Blaze: Reports: Obama Will Attend MSNBC Host’s Wedding

The New Rochelle news site Talk of the Sound, which first reported Obama’s visit, said business owners were told to “expect a heavy concentration of police, equipment, helicopters and other security in the area throughout the day” Friday.

Brietbart: Obama's Labor Day Weekend: Three Fundraisers And An MSNBC Wedding

Saturday, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are expected to attend the wedding of MSNBC’s Alex Wagner to his personal White House Chef Sam Kass.

UPDATE: TALK OF THE SOUND EXCLUSIVE: President Obama Flight Itinerary for Labor Day Weekend in Westchester (TFR ISSUED FOR HPN: AUGUST 29th - 31st)

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John D'Alois on Tue, 08/26/2014 - 23:13

Or maybe he's going to apologize for campaigning against private equity firms while sitting at a 32000 /plate dinner. Oh wait, he has the answer to echo bay questions.

If he really wanted to do something for someone besides himself, maybe he will tell us what he will do to secure the return of Sgt. Tahmooressi.

Will any of this happen? Nah business as usual.

So just move along, Mr Pres, these aren't the droids you're looking for.

On another note, this would explain the increased helicopter traffic the past few days circling the area around premium point and the shore line., and the surprising security reviews of some of the clubs along Davenport Neck.

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