TALK OF THE SOUND EXCLUSIVE: President Obama Flight Itinerary for Labor Day Weekend in Westchester (TFR ISSUED FOR HPN: AUGUST 29th - 31st)


Terminal Flight Restriction (TFR) Issued for Westchester County Airport (HPN)

UPDATE as of FRIDAY 10 AM: President Obama is cancelling overnight stay in Westchester on Friday, trip to Rhode Island on, fundraisers in New Rochelle and Purchase Friday afternoon on, wedding on.


POTUS Operational Agenda

Friday, August 29th

--Terminal Flight Restriction (TFR) commences at 1:00 PM
--Scheduled Commercial Aircraft are Exempt from the TFR
--All General Aviation and Corporate Aircraft Arrivals and Departures Must be Screened by the TSA
--1:20 PM Airport Closed to All Traffic for President’s Arrival
--1:35 PM Air Force One Lands at HPN
--President Addresses Press, Dignitaries, Friends and Family at the Airport
--President Departs Airport in Motorcade at Approximately 3:30 PM
--President Arrives Back to HPN at 5:00 PM by Motorcade, Airport Closed to All Traffic
--President Departs on Air Force One for Rhode Island at 5:15
--5:30 PM Airport Reopens, TFR is no longer in effect until Airport closes at 9:35 PM
--President Arrives on Air Force One at 9:50 PM
--No Further General Aviation or Corporate Aircraft Arrivals or Departures Until 8:00 AM on

Saturday, August 30th

--TFR Remains in effect, and TSA once again commences security screening from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
--No General Aviation or Corporate Aircraft Operations from 6:00 PM to Midnight

Sunday, August 31st

--President Departs HPN Sometime between Midnight and 1:30 AM
--FAA Tower to remained open for Air Force One departure
--TFR Cancelled

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