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December 11, 2012 - 20:56

I made a Thanksgiving's Day resolution to do better with the Talk of the Sound Facebook page. We have seen traffic rise and the number of likes increase. My short-term goal was to get about 1,000 Likes by the end of January. We have a ways to go.


The issue has always been that I was so focused on the web site that there did not seem to be much need for an active Facebook page. I just linked the feed of TOTS stories to Facebook. This was always weak but got worse when Facebook discontinued feeding Walls with RSS feeds via Notes.

So, our Facebook Page languished.

I finally came up with a good role for the Facebook page. I am using to talk about what I am doing on Talk of the Sound. It is sort of like the "green room" for a TV show. I am not just linking every story, I am giving my thoughts about a story, why we ran it, what went into it and any interesting backstories that did not belong in the actual article.

Think of it as a sort of Reporter's Notebook/Discussion Area for Talk of the Sound readers to talk with me, ask questions and otherwise engage about the site itself.