Talk of the Sound Files Reply to Bonanno Defamation Lawsuit

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Talk of the Sound Files Reply to Bonanno Defamation Lawsuit

August 10, 2012 - 20:11

DeathThreat1A response was filed yesterday with the Westchester County Clerk to the lawsuit filed by James Vincent Bonanno and Vincent James Bonanno alleging that they were defamed, primarily by my reporting on two incidents: the "Bob Cox Sleeps with the Fishes" boat incident and the Orange County home renovation article. For good measure, counterclaims were filed against them.

You can read their complaint here.

You can read the reply I filed here.

These two have tried this sort of thing before:

CASE CLOSED: Westchester County District Attorney Rejects Harassment Claim Filed by James Bonanno Against Talk of the Sound Repo

CASE CLOSED II: Westchester County District Attorney Rejects Another Phony Bonanno Harassment Claim Against Talk of the Sound Reporter

I am going to go out on a limb here and predict they will have as much success in the New York State Supreme Court as they had with the New Rochelle Police Department and the Westchester County District Attorney.

I have to admit this has been fun so far. I can't wait to start filing my discovery motions and getting their bosses under oath in depositions! I am going to especially enjoy deposing Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak, his cabinet and school board members.

If the Bonannos want to dump a lot of money into a losing cause that's fine by me. My goal is to counter that by spending as little money as possible. I am "pro se" in this case, meaning I am representing myself. I fully intend to report out the entire process, step by step, and get a lot of great material out of this for the web site.

I will, however, need to raise some money to pay for things like depositions so expect I will have a legal defense fund in place once things get rolling this fall.

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You've created a fabulous medium for transparency in a city where corrupt behavior has manifested itself into every day life. You have my support Bob, keep up the hard work :).