Talk of the Sound Hits 2.5 Million Visitor Mark. 5.7 Million Page Views



We hit another nice round number -- 2.5 million visitors since we launched on 9/1/08. Love the sound of that!!! Closing in on 6 million page views.

And they said we'd never last :-)

It's a lot of work (and $$$) to keep Talk of the Sound rolling; any contributions to support the effort are appreciated.

Here is a quick review of previous milestones.

03/20/2013 - Talk of the Sound Hits Major Milestone - 2 Million Visitors

2/23/2011 - New Rochelle's Leading News Site Talk of the Sound Hits 1 Million Reader Mark

06/22/2011 - Talk of the Sound reaches 700,000 readers; 2 million page views next

02/02/12011 - Talk of the Sound Reaches Half Million Mark

12/02/2009 - New Rochelle's Talk of the Sound Hits 150,000 Visitors!

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