Talk of the Sound Nears Half Million Mark

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Talk of the Sound Nears Half Million Mark

January 30, 2011 - 14:51

Sitemeter496k.jpgTalk of the Sound all-time readership as of the morning of Sunday January 30th, stands just under 496,000. Given the current daily weekday readership of about 1,300 readers a day, the counter will tick from 499,999 to 500,000 on or about this coming Wednesday.

You can follow the count-up here: Sitemter.

The site was launched on September 1, 2008. Sitemeter tracks "unique visitors" where a "visit" as a series of page views by one person with no more than 30 minutes in between page views. As a very general rule of thumb, a "unique visitor" is somewhere between 60-80% of an actual person reading the site on a give day. So 1,300 "unique visitors" is about 780 to 1,040 human beings reading the site on a given weekday.

On a monthly basis, the site is now getting about 35,000 "unique visitors", more than double the amount one year ago. In January 2010, Talk of the Sound had 16,000 unique visitors. In January 2009, the site had 3,000 visitors.

Another important measure is page views and dwell time -- how many pages a visitor readers and how long they spend on the site. The dwell time for the is over 3 minutes (a very high number). In each of the past two months, Talk of the Sound cleared 100,000 page views for the first time ever. Total all-time page views stand at 1.4 million views.

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There you go bob .
You have gained momentum !!