Talk of the Sound Radio Sets to Launch This Friday at 11 AM

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Talk of the Sound Radio Sets to Launch This Friday at 11 AM

September 30, 2010 - 03:18

NewImage.jpgWell you can bet this show is going to be certain people's worst nightmare.

The folks over at WVOX have offered me an amazing opportunity to have my own 1 hour show on WVOX, Fridays at 11 AM. They asked me for a name of the show. I figured "Talk of the Sound" might be a good name. What do you, my loyal readers, think?

Bob Marrone is going to start promoting the show tomorrow in the morning drive time slot.

This is all just happened but I figure an hour a week doing a roundup of the week's top stories and previewing the following week might by good. Now, if someone will just teach me how to hit the 5 second delay when Eye on New Roc calls I will be all set.

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I can't wait to hear who your guests will be! I don't think the 5 second delay will be your issue,I am just wondering how long it will take you to hang up on people who disagree or challenge you!
Let's hope for the best.

Robert Cox's picture

That I am willing to let you comment on this site and say what you want to say might suggest I would welcome all callers to challenge or disagree with me.


Welcome to the WVOX family Bob, you'll be a great addition!

Is it too late to prescribe valium by the gross for City Hall?

Seems WVOX will give anyone a show. Good luck - now another hour of not doing work while listening to Talk of the Sound on the internet feed.

New Rochelle News and Views Radio Program
Thursday Nights at 8pm
WVOX 1460 am or

I hope you are aware of the fact that at least one of your new colleagues at WVOX is a convicted felon.

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Hey Bob make sure to take your baseball cap off while on the radio!

As a former host of a show on wvox i hope he lets you stay. Hope they have enough phone lines maybe they can move your show to tuesdays at 10am show Noam and Chuck will talk to you ha ha

I listened to your show but was surprized no Lou from lous roundtable guess he did not want to get chuck and noam mad at him.Or was it the men the men

you are 100 % correct lou turned to the dark side.