Talk of the Sound Reaches Half Million Mark

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Talk of the Sound Reaches Half Million Mark

February 02, 2011 - 23:45

NRTALK500000Yahoo! We did! We are proud to announce Talk of the Sound reached the 500,000 visitor mark at 2:47 PM this afternoon. The half-millionth visitor was using an iPhone to read our story on the boat burglaries at the New Rochelle Marina.

It is not that long ago that I sat on my back porch, towards the end of August back in 2008, and began cobbling together what would become Talk of the Sound. It is always good to have a plan but in the case of Talk of the Sound I just focused on getting the site set up, writing articles and waiting to be discovered by New Rochelle. We have never done any advertising or promotion, preferring to let our content speak for itself. I met with a few folks who I thought might become contributors to the site but little came of that; I think the folks I talked to could not see the potential for a site like Talk of the Sound.

On this occasion I want to say publicly something I have said to some folks privately. I have worked very hard to make a gift of my time and effort to create a platform for everyone to have a voice. In the past I have volunteered in various capacities as a baseball coach, as a soccer commissioner, mentoring and other traditional community volunteer opportunities. In 2008, having been pushed around by school officials one too many times I had enough and decided to build a communications platform to level the playing field for residents, for parents, for students in dealing with our fundamentally oppressive and corrupt twin governments. This has been my new community volunteer work

The site has now gotten large enough and takes up enough of my time that if the site is to continue I need two things -- more New Rochellians to matters into their own hands and find ways to put the site on a "going-concern" basis. I hope over the course of 2011 to convince more of you to stop sending me emails with photos and information about issues in the City and learn how to post them directly to the site and initiate your own conversations with others who share your concerns or disagree. I also hope, for the first, to make money from Talk of the Sound as a publication.

For those who have helped turn Talk of the Sound into New Rochelle's most read source of news and information in the short span of 30 months, thank you. For those who have been sitting on the sidelines -- jump in with both feet and join us. Together we can give New Rochelle what it has sorely lacked for many years -- a media outlet more concerned about "the people formerly known as the audience" than currying favor with the powerful.

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Thank you Mr. Cox for giving us a voice. Your site was a wonderful idea and it is great to have a forum like this where one can speak out. Keep up the good work!

Good for you, and Talk of the sound!!!!!!!!

Congrats to Bob Cox for affording New Rochelle citizens who would have no voice to speak out a forum to do so. The little guy/gal can inform their fellows New Rochelleans of goings on both good and not so good. What I find amazing is that the water carrying shills for the power brokers are afraid to participate in a free and neutral setting. They can't compete without total control of any given situation. Oh well, keep plugging and here's to 1,000,000 visits!

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Congratulations Bob. Your effort, and those of your contributors over the last two years, has been a breadth of fresh air. Your journalistic integrity and "never give up" attitude reminds me of what what good journalism is all about (I know - my father was a journalist). In addition, to exposing the bad, ugly and corrupt ways of elected and appointed officials, you educate our community and empower them.

As the human rights activist and journalist Audrey Gadzekpo has noted about journalism and transparency: "A good starting point is to empower people with information: economic information, as well as information about the ordinary; information that highlights innovation, information that will help the public monitor and evaluate government programs and policies; information that enables us to determine whether public pronouncements are translated into public actions, information that provides us with a sense of cause and effect, information that makes it possible for the public to participate meaningfully in discussions and debates on development issues etc."
With TOS, you've created a platform for ALL to participate. Keep it up and thank you for continuously encouraging ALL to participate.
Now, let's go for a million!
Martin Sanchez

Long gone is New Rochelle Governments ability to act in the dark and exist between the cracks.
Although NY State requires open government, and a High Ethical operative none is occuring without you shinning your light. Its like roaches scattering.
May we all continue to learn about our Government, and all the antics. May you continue to expose the relationship between our fair city and developers as the taxpayers are footing the bill.
May all the stupidity seen day in and day out be reported.
And above all may all the coruption that exists neatly hidden below the rug at City Hall be revealed.
Fire up the POT HOLE report the city is now in competition with the Moon. Arm the resident driver with information on how to bring them to be repaired or bring the City to pay for damages.
Your web site has done us all a great service although I doubt Chuck Strome and Mayor Bramson would agree. I rest my case.

"This site delivers an all-around alive and kicking vision of New Rochelle"

Thank you for all the time you've dedicated to bold and honest reporting. I hope you continue to gain visibility, recognition and allegiance from all who visit Talk of the Sound.

I am honored to work with you having posted many great event photos on your site. I am deeply appreciative of the invaluable opportunities you have extended.

"If we all did the things we are capable of,
we would astound ourselves."
Thomas Edison

It's great to wake up every day, wonder what's going on around town? (Or shouldn't be going on around town?) and have Talk of the Sound be the place to go to answer that question.

Hi Robert,
Congratulations on reaching the half million mark of visits to your blog. As a Realtor specializing in high end properties like Trump Plaza, New Rochelle a blog like this is a tool that both buyers and sellers can use.

John Oliveri

Mr.Cox thank you for all you do! From all your friends at City Hall and the departments to.Keep them honest Big Bad Bob.The Men Men they love you to.

Outstanding milestone and congratulations! Seems like not that long ago, I logged on and became # 100,000 and thought that was amazing, but this latest record truly underscores just how important this site has become to this city. A virtual chronicle of a city as it lives and breathes, exposing the bad and celebrating the good. More importantly, a tool to break down the wall that shelters the issues that have the greatest effect on our daily lives. Not content to just tell the stories, it engages the public, draws them in to be an active participant in shaping the direction of our future. So many amazing reports and stories, so much work behind the scenes, it all appears so seamless in it's execution but the efforts involved do not go unnoticed. Well done to all in the participants, but most of all "very" well done to you Bob. You've taken a good idea and turned it into a fantastic asset for the city as a whole. Thank you for the site, the education and the dedication to the principles of a free press. You make it all seem so easy!

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"
- Edmund Burke

" will get better, and perhaps it will have more to do with what we do rather than what the politicians do"


"where are we going and how did I get into this handbasket":-)
- annon-