Talk of the Sound Teams Up with Paranormal 718 to Investigate Ghosts at Thomas Paine Cottage Museum in New Rochelle This Weekend



Talk of the Sound will join Paranormal 718 to investigate suspected paranormal activity at the Thomas Paine Cottage Museum this weekend.

The paranormal group from Queens, NY will use EMF meters to measure electromagnetic fields, an infrared thermometer to gauge temperature, a simple audio recorder, and an array of night vision cameras,

Paranormal 718 has been featured in the New York Times, Gothamist, Times Ledger and other area publications. The group just finished filming a documentary across the tri-state area last weekend at the Morris Jumel Mansion in New York City. Sinatra says he his group works with the New York City Historical Society, the New York City Explorers Club and does other work he cannot discuss publicly.

"We are investigating suspected paranormal locations and trying help bring answers and closure to people," said Vincent Sinatra, the founder of Paranormal 718. "We are trying to give people a true insight look to life after death and not the way Hollywood movies and TV shows portray it."

As we join the paranormal investigators this weekend we are instructed to wear dark clothing, no flip flops or high heels.

Sinatra says it takes about an hour to set up the equipment. The group will take breaks every hour or so and go from sunset to about 1 am.

Talk of the Sound approaches the paranormal expedition with three questions:

1. Do you believe in ghosts or paranormal activity?

2. Do you believe in can be recorded on audio, video or using other technology?

3. Do you believe that Vincent Sinatra and Paranormal 718 are qualified to use that technology?

For our part, we have little doubt that paranormal activity is real. Whether it can be scientifically measured or whether Sinatra has the right equipment and the skills to use it will be put to the test this weekend.

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Funtime on Mon, 08/04/2014 - 17:52
Title: Ghosts = LOL

1. Do you believe in ghosts or paranormal activity?


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