Talk of the Sound's 10,000th Tweet! And the Winner Is...

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Talk of the Sound's 10,000th Tweet! And the Winner Is...

January 20, 2014 - 21:03

I was just checking to see our Twitter followers number and lo! I noticed we cracked an amazing Twitter milestone, our 10,000th tweet!

The honor goes to a re-tweet of an Iona College message:

A few other little status updates.

We are at 894 followers. Hoping to get to that 900 mark soon. And then the big 1,000 mark after that!

You can follow us on Twitter here:

Our Talk of the Sound Daily Rundown, a nightly snaps shot of a day's worth of articles and links broke the 1,000 mark and now stands at 1,104. You can sign up for the newsletter (free) here.

Our Facebook page broke the 500 Like mark a few months ago. We are now at 620. And we added a real cool cover photo taken by Bill Burke, me walking my wife's dog Sadie. I have taken to calling her Diogenes (click the link and guess why).

Like us on Facebook.

A big one coming is the 2.5 million visitors mark. We just broke 2,486,000 today -- less than 14,000 to go.'

Screen Shot 2014 01 20 at 2 55 58 PM

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In fact, 4 years ago TOS was celebrating the milestone of 100,000 visitors. I know this for a fact cause it was me. Click HERE for a look back at the future. The same as it ever was, TOS is still the go to site for NR and it just keeps getting better. Good job everybody! Now get back to work.

(if it turns out that I'm the 2 millionth visit will I get one of those Talk of the Sound coffee mugs?)