TASTE OF THE SOUND: Food Service Review of Fit Body Meal Plan

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TASTE OF THE SOUND: Food Service Review of Fit Body Meal Plan

September 30, 2014 - 15:14

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Fit Body Meal Plan, located at 20 Coligni Avenue in New Rochelle, NY is a partnership between the Westchester Fight Club and Chef Anna DiMaio of Westchester Culinary Creations offering healthy, tailor-made meals to compliment fitness regimes by the Westchester Fight Club.

“All of the meals can be adjusted for personal preferences,” said Chef Anna.

Fit Body Meal Plans are prepared meals customized to the customer's body and weight-loss goals. Customers pick up a week of ready-to-eat meals prepared by Chef Anna. The specific meals -- innovative American cuisine with an international twist -- are created based on the customer's food preferences and personalized fitness assessment.

Hours: 6:30 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Prices: Ranges from $200-$400 per week.

Reservations: Not Applicable.

Parking: Private parking lot next to Salvation Army parking lot.

Online Ordering is available at

Kid Friendly: Not Applicable.

Décor: Not Applicable.

Westchester Fight Club owner, Michael Chirico, offers a comprehensive approach to keeping fit which includes exercise and diet. Chirico and his staff handle the exercise while Chef Anna DiMaio, a certified nutritionist, handles nutrition. Consultation with Chef Anna is available by appointment.

Fit Body Meal Plans cost between $200-400 per week and require an upfront commitment of four weeks. After that, customers can cancel at any time.

The plan includes a full consultation with a highly qualified trainer, a nutritionist, and a personal chef. The Fit Body Meal Plan consists of 5 meals daily including breakfast, lunch, dinner and two healthy snacks. Entrees vary over the course of the week so that customers never get the same meal twice (unless by request).

The program begins with a full evaluation of fitness goals, nutritional needs and a hi-tech full-body evaluation. Bodymetrix, a hand-held ultrasound tool, measures body composition and tissue layers at the waistline, triceps, hip and thigh. The results provide an accurate scale of body fat to muscle ratio. The Bodymetrix data helps Chef Anna determine each person’s optimal daily caloric intake and ideal nutrition plan (the same data helps trainers at the Westchester Fight Club create a customized fitness plan).

Fit Body Meal Plan4

Taste of the Sound was provided with a sample of a complete day’s menu under the Fit Body Meal Plan including breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.

Breakfast was fresh strawberry crepes filled with no-fat Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries.

Fit Body Meal Plan2

Lunch was Filet Mignon topped with a lemongrass and ginger glaze and a side dish of broccoli and quinoa. The steak was prepared medium rare by request. The quinoa was seasoned with a medley of cilantro, corn, and black beans. The broccoli was firm and held up to the prescribed heating instructions.

Fit Body Meal Plan3

The first healthy snack was a a Curry Chicken Lettuce Wrap with raisins and a walnut crunch.

The second healthy snack was a Turkey Burger.

Fit Body Meal Plan1

Dinner was Macadamia Encrusted Salmon accompanied by steamed green beans. The crunchy macadamia topping was sweet, prepared with a hint of honey, maple and cinnamon.

Desserts and drinks are not included in the Fit Body Meal Plan.

Presentation: Fit Body Meal Plan meals are provided in clearly-labeled plastic, microwavable containers. Meals are packed in a bright green reusable cloth bag.

Service: Chef/Nutritionist Anna is friendly, knowledgeable and personable. Mike Chirico, Westchester Fight Club owner, is meticulous in his use of the Bodymetrix tool and fitness planning.

Ambiance: The facility is clean, and well ventilated (meals are cooked off-site in a professional kitchen).

Fit Body Meal Plan5

Jen says: I liked the idea of pairing a Westchester Fight Club’s exercise regimen with nutritious meals offered by Fit Body Meal Plan. The use of the Biometric tool is a way clients can have a baseline and a subsequent goal to work towards. I could eat Chef Anna’s food all day long and never get bored. Her prepared meals were top quality, clean, fresh, cooked to perfection, professionally assembled and did not leave me feeling as if you were on a specialized diet. Most meals were prepared with appropriate portion sizes with one exception, breakfast. The strawberry and greek yogurt crepes were delicious, I felt that the portion was too small and did not constitute a satisfying breakfast meal. I believe that I could easily achieve a fitness goal with a program like this.

Loli says: The food was appetizing, flavorful and nutritious. I would most likely want to try them again, especially that curry chicken salad. I am more of a meat and potato gal so was not a big fan of the turkey burger. They were good -- and the roasted red pepper aioli that accompanied them added just the right amount of flavor -- but I would substitute out the turkey burgers.

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