TASTE OF THE SOUND: Restaurant Review of stir-licious

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TASTE OF THE SOUND: Restaurant Review of stir-licious

August 05, 2014 - 23:17

TasteoftheSound StirliciousHeaderStir-Licious, located at 712 North Avenue in New Rochelle, had its grand opening in July and is serving up a fresh change near Iona College.

"Everyone seems to be more health conscious these days, or at least wants to be, said stir-licious owner Paul Chianese. "I want to afford patrons healthy options when it comes to fast food."

Stir-licious is a fast food restaurant offering healthy stir fry meals with a Chinese/Asian Twist

Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-11pm ; Sunday 11am-8pm

Price Range: This restaurant is easy, appetizing, affordable and guilt free. All dishes are under $10 unless ‘extra portions’ of proteins are requested.

Reservations: Not Applicable

Online Ordering: Patrons can order on line at or by calling in ahead of time for pick up or delivery.
Parking: On street as well as a rear lot (access off of White Oak) parking is available .

Kid Friendly: Although the restaurant does not offer a children’s menu, it can be considered “kid friendly”’ as parents can tailor the meals to suit the child’s preferences.

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Taste of the Sound found the restaurant spotless and its simple yet sleek layout was aesthetically pleasing. The decor sports a trendy bright and modern color scheme while stainless steel accents give the restaurant a very hip, new and up & coming feel.

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The menu includes a variety of proteins from meat to tofu, all kinds of fresh vegetables, rices, quinoa, noodles and sauces. The restaurant touts gluten and dairy free options. The vegetables, rice and noodles were cooked to perfection, both the beef and shrimp were tender, and of the three sauces we tried, the pineapple mango was our favorite.

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In keeping with the health-conscious theme, beverages include vitamin water, carbonated juices, bottled seltzer and water all predominantly displayed as you enter the service line. A standard soda fountain is strategically placed towards the end of the assembly line.

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The presentation was colorful, appealing and conveniently served in plastic containers that are ready to take home for left overs; it’s a distinct possibility as servings seem generous.

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Upon entering, patrons need to fill out a menu card containing a check list of options from four categories (protein, vegetables, starch and sauce). Once completed, the card is turned over to the first of four chefs that mix and stir fry your dish while you watch.
The ordering style is also an opportunity to sample different proteins, vegetables, sides and sauces and gives you a multitude of combinations you can try and mix up each time you visit.. Staff was attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Pop music played in the background.

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Jen says: It's time to experience dining like nowhere else in New Rochelle at the new and mega trendy restaurant on North Avenue called " Stir-Licious". What lured me into Stir-Licious was their new twist to eating well and I love Stir Fry. Who wouldn't absolutely love great tasting healthy food done quickly? You wouldn't have to question that my answer would be "I WOULD!" I just had a baby, and obviously watching my diet and losing that lovely baby weight is important to me. I found that the menu included great variety of proteins from meat to tofu, all kinds of super fresh vegetables which you don't often find in many restaurants. I liked that the owner Paul was personable, very welcoming and is passionate about what he's doing with his restaurant. I like Stir-Licious and I'm looking forward to eating there often.

Loli says: Initially, the ordering protocol at Stir-licious was neither clearly marked nor intuitive yet once we figured out how the operation worked, (with a little help from friendly staff) the “assembly line” ordering concept gives restaurant-goers a unique experience. Stir-licious is an ideal option for one’s on the go. It’s a quick way to get a healthy and balanced meal without sacrificing taste or price!

EDITOR'S NOTE: The meal was comped by management. If you own a restaurant or other establishment in New Rochelle and want to be considered for a review, please contact us Talk of the Sound ([email protected])

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My son & I ate there 2x already and we love it, we like the stations, each one does something different, 5 stars all the way!