Thank You Mayor Bramson

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Thank You Mayor Bramson

February 09, 2011 - 09:03

The issue over the train station bathrooms proves that when people pull together and communicate, problems can be solved. Chuck Strome intially thought that closing the bathrooms would save tax dollars and that it was not a major concern for NR residents. While he had the best interest of the taxpayer in mind, he never envisioned the backlash.

People voiced their concerns but this time the city took notice. It reviewed comments from residents and worked together with council members and Metro-North to find a solution.

All in all, it was a model for how the system should work. I appluad all city officials who worked hard to resolve this "delicate" issue.

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This post is a good example of why some people have been critical of you. On the one hand you threaten to litigate the City and rip Chuck and his staff. On the other you are gushing with praise. What is worse is that you are seeking to rewrite history in the process.

The most absurd thing of all is you entitling a post "Thank You Mayor Bramson". Noam had no public or official role in closing or opening the bathroom. So what exactly are you thanking him for? Behind the scenes, in my view, the Mayor supported closing the bathrooms from the get-go not for any financial reasons but as a way to stick it to Richard St. Paul whose district the train station is located. Noam does not have a single thought that is not based on a political calculation, more so in an election year.

Generally, the way your remarks here come across as an attempt to curry favor by blowing wet kisses to Noam.

If you want to thank anyone you should start with Lorraine Karl who was relentless on this topic, long before the story was reported in the other local media.

I posted my opinion and you read it. You are entitled to disagree with it. However, i am NOT seeking to curry favor with anyone. As I said to JohnD, the city has good points and bad points. When something good happens, they deserve praise and when they act irresponsiblly they deserve negative criticism.

I am not ready to label the whole city "corrupt." Rather I focus on their actions as they pertain to specific issues. Right now, my focus is on the CSC.

As far as praising Noam on this issue, he is the Mayor and therefore "the leader." He noted the city made a mistake and he and others came together to resolve the problem. I think that being able to admit he was wrong goes a long way. That's why he got my praise in this circumstance. If you note today's blog on the CSC, you will see my other opinion.

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I am reacting to your concern that people are making critical comments. I am pointing out why I believe they are being critical. Your expanding on your blog post does not address my point.

That Mayor made happy talk yesterday is a meaningless gesture in which he is trying to put lipstick on a pig. The Mayor CAUSED the problem and was beaten back but you want to "thank" Noam for cleaning up a mess he made. Where I come from you don't get a pat on the back for doing what you are supposed to do.

Since Noam has done nothing praiseworthy your obsequiousness is out if sync with the reality of what was really going on here.

Richard St. Paul raised concerns about the bathroom in November. A few days later the city tells Metro-North they are closing the bathroom. The City puts a notice up on the bathroom doors saying the bathroom will be closed on Jan. 3rd. It is not until 4 weeks later, over the Christmas week holidays that Chuck sends an email to Noam (not Richard who raised the issue, whose district it is in). At no point does Chuck directly inform Richard that the response to Richard's raising the issue in November is to shut down the bathroom.

This was a powerplay by Chuck with the backing of Noam to give Richard the finger. There is zero defense for not DIRECTLY discussing the bathroom issue with (a) the council member who raised the issue; (b) the council member for the district where the train station is located.

The powerplay failed miserably. The primary reason for that is Lorraine Karl who has been a pitbull on the train station issue generally and the bathroom issue in particular. She was the primary actor in driving the news coverage and popular backlash against this Noam-backed powerplay by Chuck.

Thanking Noam as his gambit blew up in his face (yet again) is like thanking Saddam Hussein for withdrawing the Iraqi Army from Kuwait. if you are really thanking Noam because he is "the leader" then why do you not hold him responsible for closing the bathrooms in the first place?

BTW, you did not just criticize the City over the CSC issue you sought to create a class action lawsuit against the City. I think that is a large part of the criticism you have received here. You call threatening a lawsuit "criticism" and call an obsequious wet kiss to Noam "giving credit".

Most readers see a significant disproportionately in your remarks where one day you want to tear down City Hall and the next day you want to put Chuck and Noam on Mount Rushmore. Those are some drastic swings from lawsuit to lovefest.

I can't agree with everything you say just like you can't agree with everything I post. Perhaps you're right--maybe the title of this blog was inappropiate. But the end result of what happened here is what the people of NR wanted. Like I said, ALL who worked hard on this thing--including yourself and council members--deserve praise. Not just the Mayor, but everyone. So in that sense, you are right, the title should have been less specific.

As far as the CSC goes, I believe that there are hard facts that proves they don't obey the law and I took the appropiate action to bring them into compliance. And when I took a stance, what
happened? Backlash. I was potrayed as
an "emotionally" disturbed individual who should be "ignored." Moreover, if I agree and back
everyone on the anti-Bramson side of the aisle, what does that do for me? What it does is that it helps those who would like to oust the Bramson regime. And the anti-Bramson regime would like
to "curry" favor with anyone who supports their cause, just like the pro-Bramson team would. Like I said, when we as a group or as individuals have a
cause, we align ourselves with people who we think can help. This is very common and hardly irrational behavior for anyone. Personally, I'd rather choose sides on individual battles, and not
the whole war.

So does that mean I am pro-Bramson? No. I think the Mayor has personal agenda to push regarding development and cares less for what the people want and more about what HE wants. My feeling is, the Mayor thinks if he "revitalizes" the city with
all these luxury/high class developments, it will some how give him the edge he needs to run for higher office. Meanwhile, his plans have cost the taxpayer dearly. He calims a "net benefit" as the result of his schemes but one doen't need Anthony Galletta's figures to see that the "net" is a lot less than the Mayor would like us to believe.

Before Idoni/Bramson began "re-developing" NR, we
didn't have a garbage fee or library tax. Now we do. Furthermore, we lost Charles Librett Hardware, Bender's Building Materials and Caruso Lumberama to gain a Home Depot. We still have bad roads and traffic flow in the downtown, limited parking, no quality retail and a "new" empty mall. We also have reduced services and fewer personnel. So does it take a rocket scientist to see what is going on? No.

Again, I think it is important that we thank our public officials when they respond to our requests, just like we need to put "pressure" on them when they don't. Everybody is so concerned about politics and their politcal carrers all in government are concerned about who they can "please" so they can get ahead. No one gives a hoot for the thousands of people who are starving thanks to our wonderful governments--and not just NR. We, as a people, need to end politics and focus on getting government to respond to
individual issues.

This "bathroom" case is small potatos. But with the right pressure, it doesn't matter who is in office, democrat or republican. With the right amount of pressure, the government will respond. If we did the same at the national level, the people
might get the government to clean up the mess they created in this country.

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Dominic Procopio serves at the pleasure of the Mayor. Even after Procopio was found to be pocketing tax exemptions intended for Combat Veterans the Mayor said Procopio was doing a good jon and saw no reason to remove him. You are writing very critical articles against Procopio and the CSC. Do you really think Noam is not keeping score?

You have been critical of Jeanett Medina. She works for Chuck. You think Chuck is not keeping score?

In short, you have crossed the Rubicon. You are on the black list. No amount of complimenting Noam or Chuck is going to change that. Once you publicly announce your intent to litigate there is no going back. You are permanently viewed as a legal threat to them and the City and they will respond to you accordingly.

I am not addressing myself to your opinion about what took place last night but that you claim not to understand why people have made derogatory statements about you. I am explaining it to you. You are Noam's enemy yet you want to pretend that you have some sort of positive relationship with him or that he will appreciate any compliments you make about him.

How would you describe someone who pretends that reality does not exist?


You are 100% right. I will say, I didn' make a threat to litigate. I made a promise that I intend to fulfill. Count on it.

You said it, I was a fool.