TheTruth Speaks the Truth on the Armory and answers the Question

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TheTruth Speaks the Truth on the Armory and answers the Question

March 18, 2012 - 03:32

WE have always held that keeping this icon of our history alive is the fitting tribute for those who walked before us. Please read this passage from one of our stories titled ‎Can you Answer This Question?

" Imagine a vibrant and energetic arts center or museum and interpretive historical center that would engage the community. A living tribute to what those of this city might have become had they not paid the price of answering their country’s call. A forum for those yet to come. It’s been said that no soldier ever dies until he is forgotten. What better way to honor our history of contribution than by celebrating in life. This is the time to make history for all of the right reasons. When we look back, will the urban development fall under the “rich in history" category?"

We need not imagine what those lost would want to do here. We have the fortunate ones, who made it through the scathe, some for better some for worse. What do these veterans believe would be fitting to hold the memory alive? The greatest gift is to give future generations the opportunity to take advantage of the freedoms afforded by the sacrifices made. To live on through their contribution and make the world a better place.
Keep the story alive, keep the memory alive.