Three New Boutique Businesses Open Downtown New Rochelle

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Three New Boutique Businesses Open Downtown New Rochelle

August 02, 2012 - 08:48

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- If you want unique hand crafted jewelry, stylish vintage clothing, or modern furniture, come to downtown New Rochelle.

Among new businesses opening downtown are three unique boutiques:

Just Funki, a jewel of a jewelry store owned by gifted artist Rhonda Hamilton opened at 37 Division Street (in Avalon on the Sound East). More.

Sweet Preserves, a designer focused vintage clothing and jewelry store owned by designer and stylist Amy Coleman opened at 543 Main Street (Consign It on Main). More

City Life Concepts, a trendy contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories store owned by New York City furniture company CEO Harvey Jones opened at 41 Lawton Street. More.

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Good to bear in mind. They have been here for a time but they represent what we want to see more of in New Rochelle and read more about in TOTS. Good reminder that it is possible to open IF the conditions warrant. Two of the three are nestled in somewhat protective quarters off of Main; the other as you say, at Consign it on Main.

If can and should be done, protected, nurtuered, and every reader should be a potential customer to build the community.

More the need and reason to clean up downtown and make it habitable and safe.

It can be done... I know it doesn't seem possible but you need to reflect on the fact that the City Administration is living in the urban management dark ages. It is post 9.11; much has changed. People like you and I want transparemcy, participation, honest government, much more.

I will not argue with anyone on this voice for New Rochelle that is angry, cynical, or disillusioned. LOL is a proper feeling. but times must change and no one to my knowledge wearing winds, shield and sceptre or otherwise, is coming to the rescue.

Its with us.

Did you hear today that young 22 year old Kayla Harrison, resident of Ohio, recently sexually molested by her ex Judo coach, got past that horror that took place a mere 5 years earlier.

This kid, won a Gold Medal in the Olympics and moved me to tears as you unashamedly cried and sang along to the National Anthem during the medals ceremony.

John Boehner was glued to his TV watching this. Obama had the decency to call the 5 young women who won the Olympic Gold in gymnastics.

And I saw Noam with a baseball glove.

Used, don't think Tim could round the bases as he looks now.

If the above happened, more can happen and is expected.

I want to begin by asking Noam and the Council to reach across the boundaries of New Rochelle, not the aisle in Council Meeting, the boundaries.

Let the people down these parts play a role and let us or at least our Council pick em not City Hall.

Bet there a a hell of a lot of Gold Medal citizens in south, west, east, and central New Rochelle.

Let me work with people I know who have identified themselves like John D, Bob McCAffrey, and Steve Mayo and I only exclude equally talented folks who remain anonymous because I don't know who you are.

Put your best against us in a friendly City-wide comptetition to restore and renovate this City.

Watch what happens