THURSDAYS AT 7 PM: Talk of the Sound Radio Moves to Primetime Starting Tonight

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THURSDAYS AT 7 PM: Talk of the Sound Radio Moves to Primetime Starting Tonight

September 29, 2011 - 21:33

Talk of the Sound will air tonight at its new time, 7 PM on Thursday evenings. Please join us on Blog Talk Radio. Click the "play" button in the widget to the right or listen via your smartphone. If you have any questions about how to do this just add a comment and I will answer.

There was never any particular reason for our show to air Friday at 11 AM except that was the time slot made available to use by WVOX. We figured that we would keep that slot for a few weeks to transition over to BTR and then pick a time more to our liking. We figure that Thursday evening is less likely to conflict with BoE and City Council meetings and is late enough so folks coming home from work will be able to listen and call the show.

On a completely different note, readers have been wondering where I have been over the past few days. Some folks will recall that I was asking for help to get access to a scanner so I could convert the file cabinets full of paper documents I have accumulated over the past several years into searchable, electronic documents. A supporter of Talk of the Sound graciously lent me a very nice desktop scanner and I have been shoving paper into the scanner since Friday evening. I have even been getting up in the middle of the night to switch out bulk, sheetfed scans. It has been pretty much a 24/7 operation. I am happy to report that after 6 straight days of constant scanning I have convert every shred of paper into digital scans.

I only took breaks to attend the boxing last Friday, work on one surprise story for next week, attend the BoE meeting and write up the Fevang story. I never got a chance to weigh in on the Richard St. Paul "Big Papa" story, the Sara Richmond/BoE issue, and a lot more. Basically, I am now a week behind and I need to get caught up. I did see that readers kept the ball moving so thanks to them!

I am sure I am the only who is as excited about my scanning project as me. My wife thinks I am nuts for being so obsessed with scanning so much paper. I cannot EXPLAIN it I just need folks to be patient and the benefits will be come obvious. The next step is to upload them into Evernote which then OCRs them into machine-readable electronic text. Once that is done I will organize the material and make available a public folder than anyone scan search to pull up documents based on keyword searches. It is like being able to Google file cabinets full of paper. The power of this will become evident over time.

I would also mention that if you have lots of official files from FOIL, from City Council or various municipal agencies or BoE material I am interested to get that. Anything in PDF or TIFF or JPEG is really easy. Any paper would require more scanning and I am not sure I am up to that right now but I will take it if you have it. Eventually, we could end up with all the officials documents of our twin governments online in searchable form which would be a very powerful research tool.

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I think the GOP should have till noon today to convey if St. Paul is a dead beat father. If so I suggest
John Verni is the only choice. If they can not see this then they are blind. End of Story.

If Richard St Paul were a dead beat, he would be in jail or have an arrest record. He is contesting the amount of his child support payments before the court and when the matter is resolved I am quite sure he will act appropiately.

Instead of falling prey to this Bramson intiated attack, we shoukd all focus on the issues. Number one on the list is how irresponsible Bramson and the Dems have been with taxpayer dollars when it comes to economic development. For the last 16 years the City has been on the edge of bankruptcy thanks to their wonderful ideas. How about giving someone else a chance to bring revenue in through common sense development? Richard has fought hard for the middle and lower class segments of NR, Bramson has not. We need new leadership.

The issue is the fact that Mr. St. Paul didn't tell his party, backers or anyone about his pending case. Besides the fact that it makes him look bad one must ask themselves what else is he hiding? What else does he think is no one's business? What would he keep from the public if elected? There is much more to this than a simple omission. It shows bad judgement and a lack of understanding of the political arena.

I am not saying I don't agree with you Tom, but as usual in NR, there are no decent candidates running for mayor. To put up with four more years of Bramson's policies isn't the greatest choice either. And you are right, it was very foolish for Richard St Paul not to come clean.

John you are a valued and important citizen with many years of service to making this a better community. I am around your age and can remember tony sutton and you carrying the mail for tax relief especially from the school district for many years.

i am not going to mention st paul or judge him as i had my say earlier on this. what i am going to say is that it doesn't make sense to lay this on noam bramson's doorstep. you are much better than that. Even if Noam had a hand in this he would have done it a lot earlier when it would have had more impact as well as saving on the wear and tear of these Council Meetings that are as non community based as our representatives in Albany and Washington are.

I know Noam, he never gave me a dime, a job, anything and yes, I have and will continue to support him while working as hard as I know how to get him to see certain things differently. He is a good man, a loving husband and parent and perhaps I see a side of him many in this blog do not. Perhaps I don't, but I do believe what he shares with you are you are both decent, honorable family men who love New Rochelle and really believe you are doing the right thing.

What gives me some hope is that a number of the non-contributing council members are likely to be gone and replaced by more active and compassionate people whose views are more in tune with the City and not a segment of the City.

The only issues I face with Noam are well known to him and perhaps to some of you --- unwillingness to support the planning process by coming up with some control over the school district and secondly, building a downtown plan that support the safety and security of our residential base while shifting gears over to a new priority, building a small business base. It is sad to me that NO member of the City Council realizes and addresses both issues as absolutely necessary for attracting newcomers to New Rochelle. This is Urban Planning 101 -- no one wants to move to a City that has a underperforming school district with potential issues around capital planning or will feel safe and secure in a downtown area with no police precient present, no migration of city hall services, and no rezoning or redistricting to ebcourage for profits, rental renewal rates, movement of store front dollar stores snd churches to a newly zoned area, etc.

I am going to also point up again to all folks that the city is not managed according to the simple roles, relationships and responsibilities we have in Volume I of the City Code. Why, I don't know? I can guess and suppose I can see why so many bloggers in TOTS see it as a "Bramson Admininistration." Well, he is the head of the Council and a member of the Majority party. That should be it with few exceptions per City Code. So, actually, he is a strong mayor disguised by the Code as a "ceremonial mayor."

Nobody seems interested in picking up the ball on these major points. Some even claim it is naivety to do so. No, it is simply common sense to bring them up.

John, we once shook hands years earlier I believe at the Dunkin Donuts near Salesian. I hope I get to shake your hand again. But, here, you are wrong and there is no need to tarnish this man's character by innuendo or suspicion. Like I said, you are too good of a citizen to do this.

Maybe not Noam but I wouldn't put it
past the head of the Democratic Party
to bring up the subject.

occupatonal hazard when you are seventy five with a stell plate and concussions, and no need for me to apologize as you are a founding family in my view and I have great respect for George as I am sure I will have for you when we meet someday.

the apple never falls far from the tree and i sense you are a strong man with ideas but not unfair so i simply as that you consider what we are all experiencing is not a one way street. maybe we can change this damn place soon. wish us luck

I hate to say it, but in this election Bramson is the lesser of two evils--unless a worthwhile opponent surfaces. Richard has too much extra baggage and lost his credibilty. Sad but true. I hope Bob will do a story on Richard St Paul.


I can't say if Noam Bramson is or isn't a good man. But I will say I saw sides of him to lead me to believe Bob Cox is correct. Furthermore, I can see where he and the Dems led the City over the last 16 years. They have got our lcal government working with a skeleton crew while they tax us out of every orrafice imaginable. Theemphasis should have been on bringing retail and commercial development to this City. Instead, the focus has been on residential which was suppose to make NR economically strong. Perhaps it will--many,many years from now. But until then, Noam Bramson and the Democratic counsel will continue to find ways to tax the heck out us so they can finance their residential developments. We can no longer afford this philosophy. The time has come to control spending, increase revenue and work with the Governor and the County Executive to loosen the strong hold the civil service unions have on our communities.

Nothing is being done in NR to solve the problems. The developments have done little or nothing for the middle class. They have not solved the downtown traffic problems or added much needed parking. We still have very few stores to shop at and must go to other cities to shop. This is a disgrace for a city the size of NR.

Perhaps Richard St Paul isn't the ideal candidate. But show me somebody better. Right now, we have no choice. Left to Noam Bramson, the City will be bankrupt, dirty and congested.

It really is a shared problem made worse by more people no forcing Noam and the entire council not seeing the contributing courses to the issues and it begins with the lack of adherence to the City Code which would literally obligate teamwork.

George, perhaps my response to NINFO will tell you what some of my concerns and feelings are. And, George therre are many better fiscal conservatives out there in the GOP but they are probably scared off by the voter regisration numbers. St Paul is like a migrating bird; he has lived in three or four addresses over the past three or four years and if you check the record here carefully, he has done nothing to address the major issues, but plenty to argue each and every point major or minor that is raised at council meetings.

Cox is a committeed conservative with a known track record outside of New Rochelle for defending his ideological viewpoints. He does it well albeit sometime insensitively and prejoritively. He knows that, but he is not a monster, he makes his points strongly, works like a beaver, but draws conclusion that, like most peoples' are arguable. I am feeling he wouldn't mind a better GOP mayoral candidate himself.

Big Papa will land on his feet somewhere after the first of the year and, if he focuses differently and with more discipline, he will put his considerable talents to use to advance his career.

George, I understand, really understand a number of Noam's shortcomings as a city-wide mayor.He neems to get nosebleeds walking south of City Hall, is no particularly mindful of the critical nature of a school district and a vibrant buiness district as the belwhether of a rising city.

Like I said yesterday, it is good for guys like you , sutton and others to keep things going. No one can say a bad word in front of m about guys like you.

Keep it going.

FYI, anyone who controls four votes on council controls the city regardless of the charter. Bramson is a ceremonial mayor by charter and part-time mayor by his personnel filing which appeared here on an earlier post. Bramson shirked his duty by not having the guts to dismiss Procopio as that appointment was under his purview. Instead Bramson had the appointment changed to the purview of the city manager. That's the difference between Idoni and Bramson.... GUTS. It IS the Bramson administration and Bramson is gutless!

not followiing the charter is like ignoring the constitution or work rules at your business. it mattersw ninfo, matters a lot no matter what your feelings are about bramson. think about it, you got 4 lawyers on the council. 3 denmocrats and 2 republicans and the city has been run without checks and balances for a number odministrations. It is not challenged because when the GOP gets the majority they can behave the same way, convert the ceremonial mayor to the strong mayor and this years villain will be next years hero. you are all accepting what you shouldn't begin accepting. noam is a strong mayor becaues it is politically expedient to set him up without charter accountabilty to avoid taking responsibility. The GOP is as guilty as the Democrats and you will learn this painfully next year.

you people don't get that not one council member, especially from the lower city districts, has done spit to change the development of downtown to attract small business, protect the businesses and residenets in place nor has a word ever been said about the costs involved in maintaining a school district that is failing and dteriorating.

Have it your way, no one is innocent in power here but you are making a serious mistake by not demanding law, order, accountability, and well --- it is always easier to blame than to fix.

i remember st paul's comments on bramsons state of the city speech where he said that he should have spoken about coming up with 200 new busineses. he is unable to come up with a single idea to bring one to town. what the hell do you think the 3 south, west, and east side councilmembers are; potted plants? check the record. they have done zero, now and then you get political theater about calling in a forensic auditor, but the City Code says it is the council's responsibility to conduct investigations and subpoena withnesses on Fevang, for example. Think man, if they done that and the Democrats refused and voted it down 4.3 it would have been very damaging on re-election.

we are never going to get anywhere until you guys hate the sin and not the sinner. bramson is not the antichrist, actually he is a pretty decent guy who should get off his butt more often and drop around and get your views on matters. meanwhile try to be driven by issues; God only knows we have plenty of them and blame everyone involved who doesn't follow the rule of law set by the Council as well as those who simply accept that as a fact of life and just want to bash the opposition.

you aeem like a good and bright person like many of the other contributiors here. frankly i wouldn't vote for st paul even if none of this was brought to light. Guy is a carpetbagger, he floats from address to address --- simply to build a resume and he is no more of a committed conservative than his partners. If they were they would do a little math something like city taxes are a product of school plus city so why would you perseverate over old abatement and not look into why the school district is so out of line financially that it bleeds money from homeowners and the few commercial entities taxed. Never a question from a councilman from either side. and how can you grow a busineess district given that mess on main street, the runaway landlord renewal rates, no city departments migrating to main street showing the city colors, no police prescence to make citizens feel better, no active plan zoning or otherwise, to pare down the minimally profitable dollar stores, cut rate clothing, nail emporiums and churches who you will never collect a nickel from. what kind of strategy is voluntary payment. Get off the damn abatement it is ancient history and a proper strategy if in the hands of skiled people. they are - developers -- coming to you because you have something attractive, but the council seems to havde felt that they were doing us a favor when it was a two way street.

sorry for so much ninfo; not directed at you. I read your stuff for a year or so and you are a thinking guy.

just hope more of you thiniing guy are driven by issues and not people. St paul as mayor? Dear God, what a disaster. Now if Trangucci ever ran and surrounded himself with good people with both mind and soul. that would be a different story

Best always

You contradict yourself by chastising the three south end republican councilman then close by supporting Trangucci for mayor. Please quote from the charter the passages you believe pertinent in the Fevang case, The only pertinent issue is that it took place on Bramsosn's watch. As for the abatements they are NOT in the ancient past as we still have 20 plus years to go before they are exhausted, provided no more are handed out in the meantime. I don't post at length because it's not necessary just respond and move on so I'll wait for your next novel. By the way you are focused on Bramson what about the other GOP candidates? Spertus is head and heals above Fertel. Do you really want another four years of Lopez? When push comes to shove the democrats have been in control for 20 years and must accept New Rochelle's failures as their own because their policies got us where we are.

Your heart is in the right place you are just blinded by the boy blunder.

I cannot argue about your last sentence and I appreciate you seeing that I care for the City as much as anyone here. I believe that Bramson remains our best bet for reasons I have stated a number of times. If I am wrong, I will have to live with it.

NRinfo let me answer some of your questions.1. The City Code reference is Article X, Section 13 which explains the power to investigate and subpoena. Suggest you read all of Article X as well as Article VI which gets into the City Manager. I am simply pointing out a confusion I have that has existed for years about why this place is not managed as it seems the City Code indicates. If I got it wrong, the City fathers have not corrected me and I asked months earlier that the City Attorney give a presentation to all citizens during a council meeting on this topic.

It is certainly not a contradiction to support Trangucci even though he and the remaining 6 council persons have basically ignored developing the business district. This include both GOP and Democrats. I have faith in Lou; I truly believe he will beat Lopez (agree with your point here) and will play an important role in future downtown or business development.

I support Noam, so what? No one has presented me with any factual evidence that he should not be supported. Maybe some exists, maybe I am blind, maybe stupid. But I am not going to throw him under the bus on innuendo and hearsay. NRinfo, I am very verbose, too much so, need an editor and am passionate. Forgive the novel length but I try to be informative and fair. I also try to avoid being like Richard St Paul who criticised a Bramson speech by saying it should have contained a provision about opening up 200 or small businesses. Sure he wasn't literal, but Christ man, where do you put these things and why hasn't he introduced anything. But neither has Barry F, A Tarantino or any of the others.

I am very positive about Ms. Spertus. I have mentioned that in another post and Adam is aware of this support. She was brilliant in a 3 minute talk on Iona a month or so back. Why Strome hasn't appointed her to the committee is typical of the political crap going on here (maybe like me he thinks she has a real shot and will become a non-voting member). If so, I am strong for her, Lou, and even the District 6 candidate so there are 3 members of the GOP right there. You see NRinfo, I really am a fiscal conservative and more of a social moderate.

Finally the Abatement issue. Please check with your council man or with Howard the Finance guy at City Hall. Believe we are down to Avalon as the only open project carrying an abatement.

There is nothing wrong with abatements if managed properly and negotiated with the city's interest in mind. The issue has been a lack of both expertise in New Rochelle as well as an inferioriy complex about just how valuable the potential of this city is to developers.

That's it. Appreciate your honest input. Like John Imburgia you are a good citizen with valid opinions. Can't get too many of these. By the way, what I have indicated on Fevang was a suggested action the City should have taken. We are fortunate having Cox around to air the story out before it was buried in the red tape. Sometimes I have to take notice of the value he brings especially since we have fundamental differences on many issues. But he is invaluable to the community

I'll make this short and sweet. You say no one has presented any factual evidence that Noam should not be supported. Please review Galleta's blog for numerous evidence. While he may be as one post suggests; the lesser of two evils, Bramson has never rebuffed any opposition either here or on WVOX when challenged. In Bramson's first attempt at spinning a positive on downtown development he quoted the incorrect number of school children from Avalon. Can you imagine a 10 year incumbent and mayor not having the factual number of students from Avalon in a public statement? Then imagine a lowly citizen with the factual information calls him out and he can't admit his mistake. As previously stated, GUTLESS!

There is nothing wrong with abatements if there is a defined benefit to the city and clawbacks if those benefits are not met. Neither exist in New Rochelle's abatements. While Avalon may be the only active abatement, (New Roc City extension pending Kohl's/Target) please identify another community that doled out a 30 year abatement. If you can you are a better man than Bramson and Strome who couldn't when challenged.

Anthony Galletta is a fine man and ciizen and presents a lot of things I agree with, some I don't. NRinfo, my point is that I find no factual evidence that Noam has committed anything that a court might find to be a crime. It is not whether he has always supported or has overseen the right business decisions on matters such abatement. I don't always, in fact more often than I would like, disagree with specific decisions and priorites. You can see that from what I have written. Avalon was
early in the deveopment scheme and it was a seller's market and yes, we could have done better in settiing terms and conditions. The whole New Roc Center matter went south when the economy continued to tank, the MOU's kept getting extended, and the vital space was sold to a new entertainment combine who re-leased to a major gym and that probably is the kiss of death for any large retailer.

It is not a good thing and make my point of proper planning and changing the commitment to business district commercial development, supporting the existing residential buildings (Avalon II is now a failing business is many ways), building up a
city presence and security downtown. Things need to be radically changed by a working council and city. We need a lot of it.

Always good to hear from you and I hope things get better for all concerned. A major test for the short term will be the Iona project and whether they broaden the DEIS, etc. to allow for more leverage.

And, of course, the school district fiasco and the rising incidence of crime. Words will not cure any of this, only action. Be well

Warren, please read the lead story, in case you have trouble getting it click here; Noam has stacked the deck for the Iona committee with campaign supporters much like our independent auditor and the favored environmental study vendor used on every major project, ALL HAVE MADE CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS TO NOAM! Is it illegal, NO but it is shameful! Can you say PAY TO PLAY?

I'm pretty sure all the condos in the Trump Building are also tax abated. At least that's the only way I can figure a unit listed for $1,050,000 can have property taxes of $8,200. And what about Home Depot? Is that property paying property taxes? If it was, I'm sure Noam would be tooting that horn as well so I think its also tax abated as is New Roc City.

Based on my home valued by Noam Rochelle at $586,000, a property accurately assessed at $1,050,000 should pay taxes around $30,000 so the propety tax discount to the Trump Tower owners is around 73%. Wow that hurts just writing it. I wish I only had to pay 27% of my $16,000 tax bill.

Home depot pays property taxes, they had a 10 year abatement witch is long done with.

That's encouraging news since they should be paying $590,000 in school taxess.

I just found out if you want to get exemption information from the city's property portal site, that costs $60 per year. What a rip off!

Excellent point John & thanks for pointing out the bvious to us all. Why is our society quick to assign guilt when we don't know all the facts?

BTW, I used/borrowed a couple of your lines, I hope you don't mind.

Despite many cynics, I do believe that Cox is a newsman with credentials and I believe he will be on the st paul story as and if it emerges.

i really look forward to the sarah richmond blog re: board of education. this wlll, i hope, validate a personal opinion concerning her tenure. Let's see