TONIGHT: Isaac Young Parents Have Questions for New Rochelle Board of Education About Hazing Incident Coverup

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TONIGHT: Isaac Young Parents Have Questions for New Rochelle Board of Education About Hazing Incident Coverup

December 04, 2012 - 14:23

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Parents of children enrolled at Isaac E. Young Middle School, angry over attempts to cover up a serious hazing incident involving dozens of students, will have their first chance to confront school board members with questions as to why the school failed to inform parents of the incident at the school. The hazing received major media coverage after Talk of the Sound broke the story last week.

The mother who originally brought forward a complaint to school officials says she was never told of police involvement and that no one from the school or police department spoke with her after she made her complaint. She says the first she heard about the police investigation was from news reports six weeks after she made her complaint.

Police say the incident was reported to them as "towel whipping" or "rat-tailing", basically horse-play in the locker room.

A seventh grader at the school told CBS 2 News reporter Lou Young last week that he was sexually assaulted in the boys locker room.

After Talk of the Sound first reported the story, New Rochelle police issued a statement last week that they were re-opening the investigation.

There has been no explanation as to why the complainant in the case, the mother who went on CBS 2 News, was never questioned by police. The investigation was handled by Detective Ray Andolina of the Youth Bureau of the New Rochelle Police Department.

Many parents were upset that the school failed to send letters home or make robo-calls. After the story broke on Talk of the Sound, the district issued a statement claiming that the "entire Isaac Young Middle School parent community was invited to a meeting with the principal" to discuss the matter. That statement was false and, when challenged, amended to read "parents of the students on the football team were invited to a meeting with the principal".

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When the NRPD assigns an officer as a Youth officer,it seems by coming into the schools he is a trusted official representing the NRPD. Det Andolina,you have failed on many points of this case and the dept should replace you immediatly.This is just another in the long line of black eyes given to the NR B of Ed and the NRPD.Terrible job of handling this case (as usual), and as a parent whose children are in the system I am disgusted where my tax dollars are going.

Did you ask any of the kids patents about what happened, if you really are on their side that is the first thing you should do before writing anything, that will be fair and the right thing to do, I'm not in your favor or against but I think that a lot of people read your posts and in my opinion you can really write to help and please don't speculate like the people from the news do.