Transportation To New Rochelle High School

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Transportation To New Rochelle High School

January 31, 2013 - 11:32

My wife and I are looking for a home in New Rochelle. Right now we are looking near Stephenson Blvd and also the Beechmont Woods area. We have a daughter who would attend New Rochelle High School, but most of the homes we are looking at are too far from NRHS to walk. Aside from getting a ride from parents or riding a bicycle, can anyone advise how most NRHS kids who don't live close to school get to and from school ? I have a cousin who lives near Iona Prep who says her kid takes a special Bee Line bus. Are there such special NRHS buses from other parts of NR ?

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The Bee Line bus is the mode for transportation to New Rochelle High School. The morning buses are filled by students only but in the afternoon some of the drivers pick up other passengers. You'd have to look into where the closest bus stop is to the house you purchase to be sure it is on the NRHS loop. The district's department of transportation has a document showing the routes throughout the city. If your child has special needs, he/she may be eligible for door-to-door service,