Twitter Tuesday at Talk of the Sound #TOTS


From time to time I play around with social media and most recently I have been experimenting with ways to get more out of Twitter. Sorry, Facebook but I am not a big fan and greatly prefer Twitter.

I purchased the Tweetbot app which is a more feature-rich client than than the official Twitter app.

I am making an effort to monitor Twitter more and retweet more, especially using geolocation searches to tweet out what I see in "nearby" searches in New Rochelle. So far what I can see is there are a lot of NRHS students and Iona students on Twitter.

I have increased following various New Rochelle people, organizations and businesses (if you are in New Rochelle and I am not following you already let me know).

I am especially looking for photos and videos, as wide of variety as possibly.

I am also hoping some folks will start gathering news that I can retweet and add here - snow scenes. vehicle collisions, fire/police activity, utility companies at work/road closures, floods, youth sports, events, famous people in New Rochelle, etc.

If you want to get my attention on a particular image or video or link add a #TOTS hashtag. I will be monitoring that as well.

In any case, here are a few tweets that I have grabbed and embedded for those who do not use Twitter. If you are curious about Twitter, this guy offers 7 reasons why you should sign up.

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