Veterans Retire Flag at New Rochelle Armory in Stirring Ceremony

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Veterans Retire Flag at New Rochelle Armory in Stirring Ceremony

March 22, 2013 - 08:51

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Peter Parente of the United Veterans Memorial & Patriotic Association led a ceremony to retire the flag at the New Rochelle Armory in a ceremony at sundown on Friday. Over 100 people gathered on a cold, wind-swept evening to honor the flag.

Prior to the ceremony, Peter Parente recounted a brief history of the Armory and its meaning to many New Rochelle residents.

"Many people left New Rochelle from this building to go to war," said Parent. "300 of whom never returned."

Moises Valencia, organizer of the event, spoke about the need to protect the Armory building and develop it into a fitting tribute to the men and women of New Rochelle who have served their country in the military.

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The drama of the new flags flying bravely in the stubborn last gusts of winter symbolizes the grit and determination of New Rochelle's finest; our military veterans, police officers, firefighters and first responders. May they forever continue to enjoy the affection and respect of its citizenry; may they also someday once again find just the acceptance and recognition of its local political class.

As you all can see, the issue is far from over & the ARMORY is far from dead. The fresh "Colors" is a sign of LIFE & "we're still hear fighting". We had a good crowd and that building belongs to YOU & ME...the people of NR, NOT Noam Bramson. Lets keep up the good fight. Thanks for all your support NR!!The Vets appreciate it!!

NRVET you got it! that is exactly what I intended, when I thought about those specific new colors, especially the Gadsden flag which is a stern warning to the mayor that the armory and the vets are not down for the count.

Like that building you are all still standing tall and proud through all the years and the storms, and the citizens of New Rochelle stand with you!

we are tired of being treated like subjects in our own city!

There is a new Facebook page for the cause its called "SAVE the Armory", I am gathering local volunteers for a brand new revitalized grassroots campaign, there will be a new push, stronger more aggressive and led by the youth, its our turn to lead the charge!

There is a new life for the Armory and the mayor aint seen nothing yet!