Video About Horrible Conditions at New Rochelle Shelter- Fix It Don't Fund It-

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Video About Horrible Conditions at New Rochelle Shelter- Fix It Don't Fund It-

September 30, 2014 - 22:23
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I know it is late, I wanted the footage to be as good (and bad) as it could be.

Somewhere along the line I got tired of people telling me that there was no proof of the conditions, so I made a documentary. The full version is about an hour and a half. There is a mini version of highlights that lasts 15 minutes. Please watch the full version, I know that it is an hour but we have to live with this every day, comparatively an hour might not be that much?
The Quickie Version (highlights stuffed into 15 minutes, not as good, but succinct)

The Video Complete with narration, interviews, documents, raw footage etc.)(seven-some parts-some short as 4 minutes) (1) (2) (2.5) (2.7) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
I have been working on it for two months. I had wonderful brave help and I have done a lot myself as well. We now have footage of employees at Hope taking mysterious bags of groceries after dinner (it is hard to hear, but also of an employee threatening me when she found out I had it), and the rule disallowing people from going outside during the day without Mrs. Troum’s permission, and then only for medical emergencies. We also have footage of the leaking ceiling and people sleeping in chairs, as well as plenty of bedbugs, which in my opinion is the best (worst) footage and was among the hardest to get.

A city council clip seems to show that people staying all day seems to be the mayor's idea (I didn’t know he was a social worker!?!) (according to councilman Hyden), thought the van program that can pick people up in white vans if it sees them on the streets is Carol’s. They even thought about court mandating the program And please pay attention to the documents about Hopes housing program. I only know four people they have ever housed. (Only two still have housing.) Stephanie claims it is 25, but their tax return at various points through the years I have been here, caper reports, and CoC reports claim 45, 12, 18 and at one point they um forgot to fill in the number despite listing that years spent money as 35,000, so I guess ?

The problem is the shelter, the problem is the county and city on both sides of the aisle and their connections to Westcop. (I finally found after 6 months a document listing Mayor Bramson as a former Westcop board member, and something that surprised even me, at a county level ((I thought he was just city))

Honestly, the people of the city have work to do as well. I have heard things such as: "why isn't that woman inside the shelter?" when I am reading on a bench at 2 in the afternoon. I am tired of my friends having to tell me thing like the fact that someone at a (otherwise respectable and needed) meeting a few weeks ago suggested that the arch diocese of New York be asked to send all us homeless people upstate, where we can be housed. I am tired of reading things like this (read the comments too): (I didn't know that crack addict, undesirable, bum, and (especially) scumbag are synonyms for homeless people)

I know there are many good people here as well as those who call us these names, but this is our city too. New Rochelle needs to wake up. New Rochelle needs to do something.


Political Connections

Noam Bramson:
I FINALLY found proof that he is on Westcop’s board. Not only is he on there local board, as of 2008 he was on their county-wide board of advisers!
(in pics)

Rob Astorino:
How a Wesctop affiliate supported him for not closing down Oasis back in 20010 I think it was and closing a different shelter (which I have heard helped people) instead.

Jared Rice:
took his page down after I posted about it on my blog. It talked about how Westcop honored him for getting them there building without having to bid on it or seeing if the space could be used in any other way. I think the fact that he took it down is telling.

The funny thing about this is that this woman doesn’t even work at Oasis any more. She is the one who got fired for stealing. From a 21 year old. And she is Facebook friends with Mr. Rice.
(in picture attachments)

Please remember that Mr Rice was also my judge's son.

Ivar Hyden:
Is clever so he took his Facebook friendship with Reverend Dawkins down.

George Latimer:

There is way more, but this will suffice for now.

The Woman from Reverend Dawkins congregation living at the shelter pretending to be homeless, he has since taken this website down. (in attachments)

An Interesting Tax Return of Hope's from 2012-lists 76,000 dollars as office expenses, who knew staplers were so expensive. (in attachments)

A Homeless Report from the Center of Career Freedom

Its from 2008. But it clearly explains that the shelters do receive money per person. Not monthly, but there next years budget is based on that. Mr. Mosley today at the summit denied this, and the commissioner nodded and laughed with him. ( I am working on the audio from that, it will be up soon.)Including he part where they screamed at me during my presentation.

Westcop's Previous Scandal:

Hope's Plan from 2012 Rejected by County

The Proposal for this Grant:

Note the 1,200 a year for lunches and the 30,000 for volunteers that hasn't been used. And the Van Program:

Stehpanies Housing Numbers

CoC Report stating 12:

New Rochelle Caper Report Stating 19:

Hope's Tax Returns
(tax returns which I have also taken snapshots of so you don't HAVE to look through the whole thing. But I provided them because you SHOULD.
All the number attachments are different numbers claimed for Hope's hosuing program. I still say it is 4.
(in attachments)

Wesctop's Connection to the municipal housing authority (they own half of it's managing company) is there too, but that is an article for another day (tommorow).