Vote for Ilyse Spertus and Noam Bramson

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Vote for Ilyse Spertus and Noam Bramson

September 28, 2011 - 19:29

A vote for Ilyse Spertus in November is a vote for rebirth in New Rochelle and a way to help our talented Mayor achieve his vision for our city.

I am the Treasurer for the campaign to elect Ilyse Spertus to District 5 City Council. Ilyse is running on the Republican and Independent lines, so you might think that I am affiliated with one of those parties. I am not. In fact, I am not affiliated with any political party. When it comes to politics, I support individuals based on their abilities, their effectiveness, and their intentions. And in this election, I will be voting for Ilyse Spertus for District 5 City Council and Noam Bramson for Mayor.

Mayor Bramson has some excellent qualities that make him well suited to be our mayor. He is smart, personable, articulate, and very knowledgeable about how government works. But if you’ve walked around our city lately, it’s clear that his terrific skill set has not been enough to improve our quality of life. Mayor Bramson needs some help as all executives do.

At Ilyse’s request, we have been reviewing the 1995 Comprehensive Plan written more than 15 years ago. Mayor Bramson supported this plan when he was a city councilman. The lack of follow-through on that plan is disappointing, from the Church/Division Street parking deck, to the Municipal Marina parking lot, to the intended redevelopment of the old RKO theater, still boarded up today. But a mayor cannot fix these things by himself. He needs a talented team to work with, who will ask the right questions and help him make informed decisions.

As I have worked with Ilyse over the past few months, I have found her to be smart, inquisitive, energetic and determined. She asks tough questions and expects a lot of her campaign staff. I expect more of the same when she is elected to Council. And like me, she doesn’t get caught up in party politics.

By putting Ilyse Spertus on City Council, we will take a big step towards improving New Rochelle’s fiscal situation. She will push to revitalize our city through commercial development, she will stand up for the community when our zoning rules are broken, and she will partner with our schools to make sure that new residential development does not saddle them with extra costs and minimal revenue. Most importantly, Ilyse Spertus will work with Democrats and Republicans alike to improve the fortunes of our City and all of its residents. With Ilyse on board and the Mayor retained, I believe New Rochelle will one day reach its full potential.

Adam D. Egelberg, CFA

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I would rather not vote than to vote for Bramson.
I am unclear on whether Mrs. Spertus is supporting Bramson. Any reasonable look at the split of party support will certainly reflect the recent 4-3 votes on the Council that have been consistent. I am sure we would all like to know if Mrs. Spertus plans to vote with the Democrats should she win.

I am confident that Dr. Spertus will vote for legislation that makes sense, not legislation crafted by one party or another.

Rko boarded up? This just goes to show you that you have not visited downtown in a long time. RKO is a school and almost all of its storefronts are rented.Come Downtown and be a part of it.