Walter Lipow's Liberal Agenda and its Negative Role in New Rochelle City Planning

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Walter Lipow's Liberal Agenda and its Negative Role in New Rochelle City Planning

January 21, 2012 - 20:29

Today I woke up to both snow and a snow job. The Journal News featured an Op Ed piece of all things covering the heroic liberal view that it celebrate diversity, this makes the city great, and by implication, those who are members of other than the liberal wing of the democratic party are divisive, anti-establishment and, by reasonable extrapolation of the unbundling of code, we, thus, are racists, anti-feminists, homophobes, anti-semites, and God knows what else. The Author, Dr. Lipow, a practicing dentist I believe, must be sniffing some random nitrous oxide that has led to delusionary thinking. New Rochelle is able to take pride in its diversity

The reverse is largely true. This man seemed to have little difficulty in getting Op Ed space in the Journal News. His message resonates well in a media that is fighting for survival simply based I think on the inauthenticity of its message and its own prejudices. It is people like Lipow who marginalize people who really want to make things better for all people. Were he really a progressive, he would be challenging the very roadblocks and obstacles that put better people than him frustrated, unrepresented, and unheard. It comes out so clearly in the way in which the City runs. More on that next week or so, but for now, why doesn't Lipow move himself and his family in the midst of people who really could use his medical services? No one really prospers from his non-community based and non-diversity celebratory views. They are buried in the muck and mire of people and institutions who literally are holding society and New Rochelle at great risk. Clearly look at indicators such as New Rochelle's dishonesty on not following its own rule of law and our President's abandonment of governing for the fund raising stump are very clear indicators of the behavior of this archaic and damaging philosophy of control oriented government.

Dr Lipow perhaps suffers from his own form on non-inclusive behavior. He might have a raging case of anti-vowel surname disease; meaning don't you dare have a vowel after your name or else you might represent the downtown, west, east or south side migrating lumpenproletariat from the Bronx or some other place where non believers dwell.

This City will only overcome its issues and truly celebrate diversity when it opens up its process to people who stand up to this form of elitism and say to him, "prove yourself" and worthy of holding the assignment given to you.

That assignment is he is a member of the City Planning Board. In a nutshell, that is a large piece of the problem we face.

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I don't know Dr. Lipow but I wonder if this can be the same Walter Lipow who lives at 175 Victory Boulevard just off Quaker Ridge Road? If so, that would mean he lives in the 10804 zip code.

I only ask because the 10804 zip code is 84.1% White. The parts of New Rochelle that border 10804 and share a zip code with neighboring towns are the 10583 zip code (Scarsdale/New Rochelle) which is 82% white and the 10538 zip code (Larchmont/New Rochelle) which is 89.2% White.

In other words, Dr. Lipow is using a day intended to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. to preach his own little sermon based on hate, insinuations and gutter racial politics, the point of which appears to be portraying himself and his fellow North End Democrats as "enlightened" on the topic of racial diversity all while living in one of the whitest of white enclaves in Westchester County (the County over all is was 57.4% White)

Dr. Lipow lives in the Ward Elementary School District which is one of just two majority White schools in the New Rochelle public school system (the other being nearby Davis School). The Albert Leonard Middle School is 49.1% White.

By way of comparison the 10801 zip code where Shiloh Baptist Church (pictured in Dr. Lipow's article) is located is 39.8% white.

While I have not run the numbers I feel safe in saying that Dr. Lipow lives in both the whitest and most heavily Democrat voting district in New Rochelle while districts that have far larger numbers of registered Republicans are, in fact, the most racially diverse -- truly diverse -- in Westchester County let alone in New Rochelle.

Many have sought to turn the MLK Holiday into a day service across the United States. I can only wonder then at Dr. Lipow taking and twisting the name of Martin Luther King, Jr. (a registered Republican, by the way) in order to engage in political attacks while advancing his own hypocritical notions of celebrating a diversity that he preaches but does not practice in his own life. A celebration he claims to cherish, so long as the celebration is in someone else's backyard, preferably as far South on North Avenue as possible but certainly well South of Eastchester Road.

In any case, I am glad Dr. Lipow showed his true colors in turning MLK Day into a celebration of our differences as Americans and opportunity to exploit race as a political issue, Dr. King would surely be proud.

Typical of the northenders. Everything is just fine in NR as long as it doesn't spread into their neck of the woods.

Lipow as a member of the Planning Board should approve projects and developments which would create more diversity in the northern part of the City. Actions speak louder than words.

No where in his op-ed piece does he address this inequity, the reasons for it, and how it might be rectified.

Dr., and I use the term loosely, Lipow stated on his radio show that no one other then an African American should represent district 3 in reference to the special election last year. With that mentality, there should never be anyone but a Hispanic elected in district 1, there should never be anyone but a Caucasian of Jewish Faith in districts 5 and 6 and we shouldn’t currently have an African American President. Well, district 1 voters elected an Italian while, true to form, districts 5 and 6 elected White Jewish Caucasians and we do have the first African American President. Lipow should learn to practice what he preaches as once he leaves the WVOX broadcast booth he runs back to his lilly white neighborhood void of anything close to New Rochelle’s southern diversity. He holds democrats up as the embodiment of diversity yet it was the New Rochelle Democrats who lost a voting rights lawsuit filed against them by the NAACP for DILUTING AFRICAN AMERICANS in District 3. The New Rochelle Democrats REFUSED to honor Judge Briant’s decision to increase African Americans in District 3 to 51% and indeed called the NAACP’s bluff delivering less than 50% while threatening an appeal of Briant’s decision if the NAACP did not accept their terms.

As previously stated Lipow’s children are in the Ward district which is Lilly white and Albert Leonard which is now 49% white but back when Lipow’s children attended was over 50% lilly white. I bet Lipow couldn’t find Hudson Park or Reminton Boys & Girls Club without a GPS. Speaking of Boys & Girls Clubs, New Rochelle had three units ALL SOUTH OF EASTCHESTER ROAD. Why none in the north end? Is diversity just about skin color? Why are there no 24-hour CVS’s north of Eastchester Road? Why is there no drive-thru window at the North Ave. McDonald’s? Why are North Ender’s fighting expansion of the Wakagyl Shopping Center, an expansion which is as of right LEGAL? It’s simple, they don’t want outsiders coming into their neighborhoods! These are the same people who no so long ago attempted to organize a petition to secede from New Rochelle. I mentioned Eastchester Road multiple times because our dedicated New Rochelle first responders sum it up best as they have unofficially given Eastchester Road the honorary title of the MASON DIXON LINE and that sums it up!

Bravo Warren and kudos to Bob, Peggy and NR. Lipow is truly out of touch with New Rochelle and of the seven member Planning Board Lipow is one of six democrats. Lipow is truly a North End Elitist who feels empowered after the recent election. Isn’t it queer that Lipow determines diversity based solely on color? Why not look at economics when it comes to diversity? How many civil servants making $50,000 or less reside above Eastchester Road? New Rochelle should bring the summer concerts to Ward Acres. That wouldn’t violate the covenant and would create a very DIVERSE gathering. Instead of signing bike routes through the dangerous New Rochelle streets, New Rochelle should mark bike paths in Ward Acres, heck we could dedicate Sundays to bike & walk days to promote health and explore nature much like the County does with the Bronx River Parkway.

Let’s compare test scores from the Ward, Trinity, Jefferson and Columbus Elementary Schools and see how divers New Rochelle truly is. If iNew Rochelle is universally diverse the scores should be similar. Anyone wanna bet on the outcome?

Brilliantly written, as usual. The hypocrisy of white liberals is very often nauseating. They are quick to taint anyone who disagrees with them as "racist," yet their behavior is that of pure selfish elitism.
It is almost as if, by defining themselves as liberals or progressives, they can thereby be insulated against criticism of their own casually racist behavior.
Watch what they do, not what they say.

Sometimes a single day reveals a number of things that illustrate the close-mindnessness and swarmy elitism of our northern brothers.

You might want to get a copy of the excellent New Rochelle Sound and Town Report of January 20 & 27. Go to the Letters of the Editor and under Martin Sanchez's excellent post on "Not in my Background," there is a huge CORRECTNG THE RECORD space. Never seen one that size. Must of been really a serious piece of business. Here it is

"In the arti "Armed partisan evens, officials swear in "in the Jan. 5 - Jan. 13 issue, Councilman Fertel was quoted as saying. "...those who implore us not to do what is right and what will attract the greatest attention and satisfy the luciferous few", when in fact, he said, "vociferous few.

At first I was wondering whether he meant critics who are begging the City not to do what is right or do what will attract the greatest attention. Then I wondered if he mean that the City should satisfy the luciferous few, then wondered, where did he, or the reporter come up with the arcane usage of the Latin, word lucifer for light. I am very confused!

Has Barry decided to put diversity in action by joining those who are struggling to do what is right. Does he understand the meaning of the Moral Imperative (see Francis Collins) who sees this as the clear point of departure from the ape or monkey from a genome viewpoint.

Barry what do you mean? Are we on the non-northern ends of this town unworthy for a place at the table? There are not a few of us, it is growing daily. And, Barry, you can trust us to be neighborly, community advocates, and people who want the best for all people, not for those with what your friend, the diversity dentist, might describe as an audience out of Gattica... you know, scrubbed white faces, indistinguishable one from the other.

We live here. We raise families here. Our parents, forefathers, came here with hope and built this city and didn't "occupy it"

One other thing. I share Bob Cox's view that putting these divisive comments in relation to Doctor King, is worse than divisive, it is morally wrong. As a contributing member of the Southern Poverty Leadership Conference, I am certain that you would have seen more than an inspiring posting from Dr King upon reading your screed on diversity. You actually seem to prefer the "putting into place" theory... African Americans should occupy a certain district because...... That is the worse of social engineering!

You see gentlemen, true diversity involves teaching your brothers and sisters how to fish, allowing them the full fruits of liberty, supporting them through supporting all people. Disadvantaged, disabled, disenfranchised people do not required big brother, whether he is wearing a dental smock or sitting in office, to tell h/her what to do and how to do it.

It is well past time to get out of the way, tear down your self-righteous enclaves of control, and let water find its proper level. I suppose a city council of, for example, 7 hispanic americans, might damage your notion of diversity. Gee, 7 people different from me!

Wake up sir....... you have placed my neighbors down these parts; men and women of all nationalities, races, and other demographies under the vale of accommodating what and who you are.

When this administration can follow the rule of municipal code, can set up a proper "diversity" process that does not disenfranchise people on the basis of geography, can shelve pride and embrace community skills, by seeking out those who have them and not skulk behind closed doors and appoint people who likely have alternative views, then and only then will compassionate people who have been waiting for this day for many years, raise up and say to you and to Barry Fertel, "welcome to the vociferous few" from the luciferous many." We are now morallly indistinguishable.

When Noam and Barry were councilmen for the east end of district 5, they felt it was a testimony of diversity in their liberal minds . As long as we did not voice our concerns or asked why our part of town was being neglected they were happy. When we found our voice their representation changed. We know our neighborhoods, we know were we live and we are proud people. Yet we have never been asked to sit on any board. The people who were born and stayed in the east end, have always thought we could help ourselves and are the first to help others. I have attended many meetings where people have asked what can we do to solve a problem. Unfortunately, this is not well thought of and Noam and Barry became very uncomfortable with that question.

I do not want to paint all of the north end with one brush and I do not want them to do the same.

Warren as you mentioned, it is time the religious leaders get involved and help this city heal and change.

Lipow does not let the facts get in the way of his argument:

1) The first African-American city councilman - Joe Evans - was a Republican.

2) New Rochelle's first African-American county legislator was a Republican - Pearl Quarles.

3) When was the New Rochelle Republican party not "A party that is inclusive and welcoming to all, and by its actions and enrollment, truly accepting of, and advocating for, all types of people." Where is Lipow's evidence? The New Rochelle GOP ran 3 African Americans for mayor and city council - and more than the Democrats.

4) The last Republican Mayor Len Paduano had a excellent relationship with the African-American community and his appointments were very diverse.

5) The national GOP worked hard for the 2008 GOP national convention to ensure that delegates were diverse, and I remember distinctly noticing the diversity at that convention. Lipow acts like it was all white people.

6) The blatant partisan tone of this article makes me question whether he should remain on Planning Board. Is Lipow only voting the way the NR Democrat Party tells him? Is he objective?

After reading Phil Reisman’s piece on Sunday January 22, 2012 about Sneak attacks I had to laugh. Senator Suzi Oppenheimer announced on the12th of January that she will not seek re-election this November and we will have an open seat. All of a sudden there is an Op-Ed piece about taking pride in the diversity of New Rochelle and the Democratic majority. How opportune to run an Op-Ed just a few days later.

Mr. Lipow needs to take a better look at the demographic and boundaries of this city to see that even with its diversity there is still great separation. As a member of the planning board he should see this. The issues we have right now with the garbage fees, Nr Green, NR Citizens' Panel on Sustainable Budget, Richard Fevang the DPW Fleet Manager, The Mercedes Benz Dealership, The City Yard and Echo Bay Property are just a few examples. I can remember when the Space Shot at New Roc was the biggest issue of the day. Has he ever been to a city council meeting to see what is going on?

Yes we are a very diverse community and I am very proud of New Rochelle. It has nothing to do with Democrats, Republicans and the politics. It has more to do with the people that make up this wonderful city from all the areas. If it weren’t for the South End of New Rochelle, the city would not be as diverse as he says. I am sure there is more to come.

Lipow is the epitome of a limousine liberal. He would never live in a neighborhood that was diverse. He lives in the north end in his lily white neighborhood, writes his checks to liberal causes and feels very good about himself.

Hey Lipow, if you really love diversity so much, why don't you move to the other side of town?

Does Lipow ever use his dentist practice to provide free services to poor people from all ethnic groups from the other side of town? I doubt it.

I hope that every minority out there reccoginzes Lipow's ulta liberal agenda for what it is; MODERN DAY SLAVERY. The ultra liberals promote govermental subsidizes to prevent minorities from elevting to higher ecconomic standards. Instead of offering you a hand up they offer you a hand out to keep you supressed. Has Lipow offered to treat the less fortunate in a neighborhood health clinic? I reside in the south end and no one here reccognizes the name of Walter Lipow. There is a dental clinic on Union Avenue, no one there knows Lipow. Supress minorities to preserve wealthy neighborhoods that's the ultra liberal agenda! It's ok for minorities to mow their lawns, watch their children, clean their homes and cook their meals so long as they don't reside next door. New Rochelle is less than 50% white, what is the makeup of Lipow's neighborhood, council district or place of worship?