Westchester has changed a lot

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Westchester has changed a lot

November 07, 2012 - 18:05

We live in a county with about 150,000 more registered Dems and that 150,000 spoke loudly last night. It is questionable whether any Republican, including the real Abe Lincoln himself, can ever win in Westchester again in a presidential year. There is nothing a Rep candidate can do when so many people just vote Democrat right across the ballot. I saw a leaflet from Mt Vernon Democrats that said "Vote Obama & Row "A" All the Way" and that is exactly what a ton of Westchester voters did yesterday. So much for voting for the person and splitting your ballot...LOL! What ever happened to swing voters in Westchester? I don't have a problem with Obama winning because Romney was not so great, but it is very sad that Westchester has become a rubber-stamp Democrat county - the Dems just win automatically win in presidential years. I wish people would think more about all the individual races and vote for person over the party. I voted for both Reps & Dems yesterday, but I must be a dying breed.

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Hi, AbeLincoln -

I love the name! If a 52 year-old could still have a hero, Lincoln would be mine.

Like you, I am an independent. I am not registered with either party, and since I started to vote in the 70's, I've cast votes for both Dems and Reps, splitting my votes many times.

Yes, Westchester has changed a lot, but the changing nature of one electorate or another is nothing new.

I grew up in Pelham Manor in the 1970's. I remember that eunning on the Rep line for any position in Pelham or Pelham Manor would guarantee victory. I also remember that just about every county judicial position was held by Rep-Con's.

I also remember that up until the Reagan-Carter election, the entire South always voted for Democrats, regardless of the candidates' political views.

Additionally, I think that in many instances, party labels are of little meaning. About a year ago, The NY Times (not my favorite paper, by the way), did an analysis of Obama's positions on major issues. They compared his positions to Richard Nixon's. The results of the comparison clearly showed that Obama is to the right of Nixon in just about all respects.

I also think - and I realize that many Reps would pillory me for this - that were Lincoln to run today, he would probably do so as a Dem, as the views he espoused were more consistent with those espoused by today's Dems than today's Reps.

Our system is a work of art. It is so rare to have a great leader, and at the time our nation was founded, we had several - all in one place at one time. This historical rarity resulted in the founding of our nation and the drafting of our constitution, a unique document that was written so well and with such foresight that it is probably the closest to perfection that human beings have ever come.

I agree with you that ticket splitting is generally a healthy thing. I also think that if we concentrated more on each candidate's positions on the issues rather than mud slinging, we'd probably have a lot more of it.

All the best,