Who is Kyle Figueroa?

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Who is Kyle Figueroa?

June 23, 2014 - 20:54

Kyle Figueroa is a part-time security guard working for the New Rochelle Board of Education who has been bounced from school to school rather than fired despite numerous problems and complaints involving Figueroa. This is inexcusable in any case but in this case Figueroa is not a full-time employee, he has no contract and he is not a FUSE member.

No matter what he does or who complains, Figueroa remains on the job.

Talk of the Sound has repeatedly reported on Figueroa and, in particular, the allegations of his having sex with students. This goes back to 2011. Yet, Figueroa has never complained, demanded a retraction or correction, of made any sort of complaint of defamation. The reason is obvious -- truth is an absolute defense.

Someone is protecting him. His boss is Bruce Daniele. Maybe Daniele knows?

This is a bad guy who should be nowhere near children yet he bounces from school to school -- otherwise known as "pass the trash".

Talk of the Sound reported back in 2011 that Figueroa was known to have sex with students.

He was "allegedly" caught on video tape at New Rochelle High School having sex with a student. The tape was "allegedly" destroyed by, or that the direction of, Bruce Daniele.

Naomi Brickel took this information to the board in 2011. The matter was referred to the Westchester County District Attorney. Figueroa remained on the job.

In 2013 he we was bounced out of New Rochelle High School. He was then transferred to my daughter’s school (ALMS) a year ago. I immediately went to meet with officials in that school and let them know that if I were to hear that Kyle Figueroa came anywhere near my child or spoke with her or interacted with her in anyway that I would be all over them like white on rice.

He was bounced out of Albert Leonard a few months ago.

After several efforts to place Kyle Figueroa he was dumped at Columbus. Once they learned the real story with this guy he was bounced out of Columbus.

He then landed at Barnard where he works now.

A concerned parent at Barnard writes today to complain that Figueroa was caught sleeping at the security desk at Barnard last week.

This same parent reports that Figueroa brought a friend to work at Barnard while he assigned to monitor the the playground.

This is just a month after a threat was made against the family of a Barnard student that was printed on graphic images and included a threat to kidnap the two children.

At the time, Mrs. Genovese, the Barnard Principal sent a letter home to parents advising them of the threat to "kidnap and harm the children of this family" and assuring them that steps were being taken to protect their children.

Genovese ends her letter saying:

As a precaution, we have increased security during the school day. We are also educating our students about what to do if they are approached by strangers.

No arrests have been made in the case.

Barnard has a history of security issues -- and a history of lying about them.

In 2010, an unidentified man entered the Barnard Elementary School during school hours where he was observed wandering through the building and was later discovered hiding in a closet inside an empty classroom by a Barnard staffer returning to the classroom after lunch. The staffer fled the room and reported the encounter to the main office. A subsequent search failed to turn up the intruder who was later presumed to have left the building on his own.

Parents received a letter from then-Principal Patricia Lambert claiming the person was observed only outside the building, by Amy's Greenhouse (false) and that the school had been put on lockdown (false). Here is an internal email in which Lambert addresses staff about an intruder in the building.

After the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, Lambert allowed a volunteer parent, armed with a handgun, to augment existing school security for two weeks before Talk of the Sound reported on the incident.

Lambert denied knowing anything about a parent with a gun providing school security on a volunteer basis. She was "unexpectedly resigned" that June.

If I were a parent at Barnard I would do that I did as a parent at Albert Leonard -- demand that Kyle Figueroa be kept away from their children and bounced out of the school immediately.

The real question is why Bruce Daniele and his boss, John Quinn, allow people who have sex with students work as security guards.

I cannot elaborate, but Talk of the Sound was alerted a little more than year ago to a very serious crime involving a firearm that took place off school grounds but which invovles Figueroa.

This guy is a train wreck waiting to happen (in fact, the train has already crashed!). He needs to go.