Who Is Roger Fawn?

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Who Is Roger Fawn?

October 26, 2012 - 18:36

Roger Fawn is a New Rochelle resident. He is the owner of Roger Fawn Heating & Cooling Inc. located at 298 White Plains Road in Eastchester, NY. Another business associated with Mr. Fawn, Fawn Group, a general contractor, also operates out of the same office building at 298 White Plains Road. Fawn Oil Fuel is another "d/b/a" business of Roger Fawn.

Fawn resides at 142 Kensington Oval in New Rochelle, NY.

There have been a number of complaints against Fawn to the effect that he did not do work for which he was paid, took deposits and ran off with the money or did shoddy work.

Roger Fawn and his companies have been been the subject of numerous lawsuits, in numerous jurisdictions including Westchester County Court, Kings County Civil Court, Mount Vernon City Court, New Rochelle City Court and New York County Civil Court.

Roger Fawn List of Cases 455

Who Is Roger Fawn?