This is why Echo Bay should be Hotels/Convention Center/Ferry service etc

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This is why Echo Bay should be Hotels/Convention Center/Ferry service etc

December 31, 2012 - 19:56

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NO effect on the schools other than more revenue. Hotel taxes, visitor spending. Hotel patrons don;t cook in, they go out for meals, drinks etc. We may have the greatest location for visitors to stay besides Manhattan, yet we don;t take advantage of it. The Marriott residence in in New Rochelle is their top occupancy rate hotel in the world.

Next to the sewage plant??

The plant is a new state of the art facility. Buildings can be positioned to give maximum view to the waterfront. Tourists that currently stay in queens and Brooklyn and New Jersey din;t have much to look at besides the side of a building 2 feet away. The small thinking is what landed New Rochelle in the trouble it is in now. A focus toward NYC Tourism would be a game changer for New Rochelle.

Talk to the folks in the neighborhood.....they will tell you about the oders

Maybe you're not aware of the new plant being built? New Rochelle has had plenty of debbie downers running this city and charting its course, we don't need people that aren't fully aware of what's going on contributing to the bashing of ideas. I say this with all due respect.

It is still a sewage hotelier would build an upscale hotel next to one.

I can name dozens of hotels next to treatment plants in vacation areas with vies of beautiful beaches. Many others are built next to unsavory spots. The Manhattan visitor vacation is not the same as an Aruba or Hawaii trip. People stay in Illegal hotels in Harlem, Brooklyn Queens etc. They stay in dumps just for the proximity to Manhattan. If you can;t see the value in New Rochelle being 25 Minutes from Grand Central while offering water access and safety on its own, then I can;t really continue this dialogue. Offer the space to a dozen different hotel developers and see if anyone bites, I think you'd be surprised.


You are right on all levels; I have dealt with the hostiles and hotels that you speak of. The conditions that the tourists are willing to live just to visit the city amaze me. Offer the space to a dozen different hotel developers and see if anyone bites, I think you'd be surprised? I would be surprised if they offered the idea to anyone other than the same cast of characters. It is the people doing the offering that is the problem. We don’t have anyone with any type of vision or connections needed to pull something like you say off. They continue to return to people who are connected to the same old crooked developers and donors. The problem is bigger than the sewage treatment plant. We have City Management and City Council that don’t have the backgrounds and experience to do exactly as you say. They don’t get parking and leaf collection correct, how can they honestly be expected to have the vision and knowhow to pull off what you say? This can only happen with dialogue and open communication. They already lost New Rochelle Development Commissioner Michael Freimuth because of the games that are played. He was not allowed to do what he was hired to do. Last January when we started the New Year off with some new City Council Members they needed to step up. I saw some change but not enough to have an effect so far. Hopefully 2013 will not be a repeat of the same follow the pony 5-2 voting and ideas.

Happy New Year Everyone!

and all this next to a sewage plant???